Pablo Damian Perez

La La Listen | Beyond Tropicália

Even though it lasted only a handful of years, Tropicália was one of the most vibrant and colorful musical movements to ever come out of South America, combinin...

Live Music in Buenos Aires 1.8.18

Come out your caves, y'all! The winter monsoon of doom 2018 has officially ended and the sun has come out, at least for now... so don't waste any time and go ce...

La Posta | 80s Rock Nacional

With the goal of skipping as many hits as possible, we put together a playlist with the best Argentine rock from the 80s. From Los Abuelos de la Nada to Soda St...

La Posta | 70s Rock Nacional

Throughout the 70s, Argentine rock underwent a turbulent adolescence amid political unrest and ruthless censorship. Relive the angst, the haze, and the jams wit...

Pablo Damian Perez

Art Director

Originally from Caseros, Argentina, Pablo is a musician and music enthusiast with a penchant for the visual arts. When not curating playlists, contributing to our weekly agenda, or designing for the site, Pablo channels his workweek ennui into sketches and songwriting. You can follow him on Instagram.