Kevin Vaughn

Please Feed Kevin | Delivery and a Movie

Restaurants are tiny little planets—self-contained ecosystems orbiting around a singular universe of food and dining. Each and every one has its own set of law...

How to Grocery Shop for the Quarantine

We have, fingers crossed, just 8 days left in quarantine. We all need to be doing our best to only go out when it is absolutely necessary. So all y’all that I ...

Kevin Vaughn

Food Columnist

Kevin Vaughn is a professional eater by way of California who has been living and working in Buenos Aires for the last decade. His stories about Buenos Aires food culture have appeared in Munchies, Remezcla, Savoteur and The New Worlder. He also runs MASA, a Mexican influenced pop-up, and Devour Buenos Aires, a customizable tour service for curious travelers.