Kevin Vaughn

Please Feed Kevin | Gimme Some Pizza

If anything is guaranteed on the other side of this pandemic, it's that there will be a lot more pizza places to try. I've counted 16 new spots run behind clos...

Please Feed Kevin | Food From Back Home

Nostalgia cravings hit me hard during this third trimester of the lockdown, and in a much different way from my last column. Rather than craving my go-to Bueno...

Kevin Vaughn

Food Columnist

Kevin Vaughn is a professional eater by way of California who has been living and working in Buenos Aires for the last decade. His stories about Buenos Aires food culture have appeared in Munchies, Whetstone, Life & Thyme and Remezcla, as well as MATAMBRE, his fanzine about the sociopolitics of food in Argentina. He also runs MASA, a Mexican influenced pop-up, and Devour Buenos Aires, a customizable tour service for curious travelers.