Jorge Farah

Off the Marquee | Film Picks for October

Welcome to this month's installment of Off the Marquee, your one-stop shop for interesting, off-the-beaten path films being screened in the city of Buenos Aire...

Interview | Talking Masks With Damsel Talk

“How do you feel about U2?” Somehow I choose to make that the question that kicks off my conversation with Jenny Moule, better known by her stage moniker Damse...

Live Music Agenda | 21.08.2019

It’s Wednesday. You know what that means. Every week you come here for your latest serving of live show recommendations and obscure genre descriptions. Every w...
Jorge Farah

Jorge Farah

Features Editor & Media Pundit

Jorge Farah was born in Barranquilla, Colombia and has spent the last decade falling out of taxis in Buenos Aires. He is a writer, media producer, podcaster, film enthusiast, obsessive playlist maker, and purveyor of vexing takes on a wide array of subjects.