Eliana Lindner

Bleed Responsibly | A Menstrual Manifesto

We're stuck in quarantine for the next 10 days so it's impossible not to think about the apocalyptic end of the world zombies, blood, death, and fear. While th...


The Capricorn sun in me had decided to put this section to rest for a while; the poor goat found herself drowning, in dire need to put some order to the multip...

The Unstoppable Force of Change

  Being born in the 80s made me an inevitable witness to a fast and very particular flow of history. Among my young friends I like to brag about how I r...
Eliana Lindner

Eliana Lindner

Music Contributor

Eliana Lindner is a musician, English-Spanish translator, from-the-cradle melomaniac, firm believer in a Heraclitean approach to hair styling, and professional flâneuse from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is currently studying Sound Engineering and putting together the songs of what will, hopefully soon, be her first album.