La La Lista is an online arts and culture magazine devoted primarily to the coverage of local music in Buenos Aires, with a soft spot for good food and great art. It is a guiding principle of the publication to avoid the boys’ club mentality that pervades the world of arts and culture journalism; we want to highlight projects by female and non-binary creators as much as possible.

Every article, weekly agenda, and playlist is (for the time being) a labor of love, provided by a loose collection of yanquis, colombianxs, argentinxs, and others for whom Buenos Aires is home.

Evy Duskey

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Evy Duskey is a musician and writer who has been calling Buenos Aires home since 2011. She began her coverage of the local music scene in 2016, and is always on the lookout for new opportunities to spotlight local artists and creators. Her band Fervors will be releasing their second EP in November of 2021.

Jorge Farah

Features Editor & Media Pundit

Jorge Farah was born in Barranquilla, Colombia and has spent the last decade falling out of taxis in Buenos Aires. He is a writer, media producer, podcaster, film enthusiast, obsessive playlist maker, and purveyor of vexing takes on a wide array of subjects.

Margaux Williams

Managing Editor

Margaux, or “La Maga” as she is known by her nearest and dearest, is from Baltimore but has also called Paris, Madrid, and now Buenos Aires her home. She's a visual artist who paints and makes installations from found mattresses and 100+ Barbie raincoats. Find her sifting through every single article of clothing at your local feria americana.

Emilyann McKelvey

Staff Writer, Translator

Emilyann is a singer-songwriter, teacher, translator and conference interpreter-in-training who moved from Asheville, NC to Buenos Aires on a whim in 2017. She is a Libra, reformed astrology-denier, and pun-tificating pop princess who also appreciates alliteration. She releases music under the name Emily And, and also plays in the band Penny Peligro.

Kevin Vaughn

Food Columnist

Kevin Vaughn is a professional eater by way of California who has been living and working in Buenos Aires for the last decade. His stories about Buenos Aires food culture have appeared in Munchies, Whetstone, Life & Thyme and Remezcla, as well as MATAMBRE, his fanzine about the sociopolitics of food in Argentina. He also runs MASA, a Mexican influenced pop-up, and Devour Buenos Aires, a customizable tour service for curious travelers.

Pablo Damian Perez

Art Director

Originally from Caseros, Argentina, Pablo is a musician and music enthusiast with a penchant for the visual arts. When not curating playlists, contributing to our weekly agenda, or designing for the site, Pablo channels his workweek ennui into sketches and songwriting. You can follow him on Instagram.

Ezequiel Mancilla

Music Writer, Head of Outreach

Ezequiel Mancilla is an Argentinean musician, English teacher and occasional all-round geek. When he's not diving into new genre-bending musical acts, he enjoys making furry feline friends in local squares and plazas.

Jamie Larson

Music Writer, Chocolate Milk Sommelier

Jamie is the resident antipodean originally from Christchurch, NZ and has freshly landed in 2020 to traverse the thriving music scene in Argentina. After years of playing in bands and working in radio he is on the search for the BA sound. When he isn’t at gigs he’ll be smashing brews, scoffing down pasta or binging a trashy telenovela.

Magu Fernandez Richeri

Pop Culture Writer

Magu is a 4'8" tall serial Simpsons quoter, tyrannical karaoke queen, and only child of separated parents. For the last several years she's been involved in the organization of various events including Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre, an independent horror and fantasy film festival, as well as Fiestas Turbo, a celebration of fashion and queer culture.

Bonnie Rowan


Originally from North Carolina, Bonnie has been living in Buenos Aires since 2016. She is a communications student, music lover, avid reader and podcast listener. In her free time she wanders around museums, cooks spicy food, and finds bliss while drinking mate in the park.

Julián Sosa


Julián is a Lanús native who is still trying to find the guitar pick that fell out of his bed one night of May. Translator, singer-songwriter, and apparently, music producer, he loves dwelling on the words we are made of and writing in an ambiguous way that only he understands. When he remembers, he uploads music covers to YouTube.

Lucia Marelli


Lucia Marelli has a degree in Fashion Design from the University of Buenos Aires. She is an illustrator, singer-songwriter, and sweets enthusiast.

Lucas De Paoli

Comics Reviewer

Lucas De Paoli was born and (badly) raised in Buenos Aires. He developed a strong attachment to Batman upon first finding him on television, one afternoon in 1989. Upon seeking him out in magazines, Lucas stumbled onto the infinite universe of comic books, and nothing was ever the same. When he’s not reading comics or planning world domination with the editorial group Clan de Fomento, he likes to spend his time listening to loud music.

Monique Nicholas

Official Mascot

Monique hails from the promised lands of Canada and has been captivated by the Buenos Aires empty apartment makeshift-Fernet-and-Coke-bars with living rooms-turned-band venues for quite some time. She has an affinity for words with a good mouth feel, old school post-cards, and dunking medialunas into her coffee.