The Setlist is back again with some amazing music to tantalize your eardrums!

This week we’ve got quite a variety of gigs. There are some experimental music festivals, post-punk, noise rock for the most daring ones, and even some soul fusion thrown in for good measure. The Setlist has got it all and you cannot miss what we’ve got in store during the last two weeks of 2022. We’re finishing strong, so follow us as we venture into the wonderful world of the underground music scene. Vamos! 

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Mat Alba and Proyecto Jacobino at Camping BA

Our gigs of the week start with a show at Camping BA, one of the best venues in Buenos Aires. This time, they’ll host Mat Alba, an incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist often compared to Jacob Collier, and Proyecto Jacobino, with their daring take on rock nacional and funky rhythms. 

Check them out and get your tickets by following our link here

9pm | $1650 | Camping BA | Av. del Libertador 999


Christian Vaca + Gastón del Carmen + Emily And at Il Amichi Bar

This one is for those who love venturing out into the conurbano. Christian Vaca will be presenting his album Rosas, Claveles y Crisantemos for the last time, and fellow musicians Gastón del Carmen and Emily And will be part of this celebration. 

If you’re into folk, heartfelt themes, and lyrical masterpieces, then head down to Il Amichi Bar in San Miguel for a hefty dose of acoustic guitars and intimate performances. The show will be a la gorra, which means you’re encouraged to collaborate with your hard-earned cash. And honestly, you should! 

9 pm | A la gorra | Il Amichi Bar | Sarmiento 1618 (San Miguel)

Fuego Amigo Discos: End-of-year toast show

The Fuego Amigo record label has been an integral part of the Buenos Aires underground scene for years now. To celebrate yet another year of incredible music, they’ve organized an end-of-year toast and everyone is invited. There will be live music from Entidad Animada and Palusunsystem

If you’re into experimental music or just want to support one of the most important record labels on the scene, head down to W. Morris and get your tickets at the door! 

6 pm | $500 | W.Morris | Loyola 773


Máze + Los Subtítulos + La Real Academia at Espacio Cultural Laberinto

We know for a fact that most of our readers are big fans of this new revivalist wave of post-punk groups. Because of that, we don’t want you to miss what’s happening this Friday. Máze will be joining forces with post-punk magicians Los Subtítulos and La Real Academia, who have their unique spin on the genre, at Espacio Cultural Laberinto.

You can score your tickets by following our link, buying through Mercadopago, and you’ll set! 

9 pm | $800 | Espacio Cultural Laberinto | Rivadavia 18432


Cooperativa Cultural Qi Celebrates 5 Years 

While the list of artists has not yet been disclosed, we are certainly in a celebratory mood! Cooperativa Cultural Qi has been consistently showcasing up-and-coming artists even during the lockdown, reinventing itself every step of the way. For their anniversary, they’ll be hosting a completely FREE event with live poetry, music, and more! No need for tickets! 

5pm | FREE | Cooperativa Cultural Qi | Thames 240


Mugre o Muerte Festival 18th edition

With such a name, one would think we’re inviting you to a thrash metal gig, but no. Mugre o Muerte is a festival that features some of the most avant-garde musical acts of our scene. This time their lineup is looking better than ever. This edition will take place in La Plata.

First, there’s Cuco and their noisy and abrasive songs, then we’ve got Grindgeria with an equally powerful set, Paso de Sombra with their atmospheric soundscapes, and Flaaryr, an ex-member of Hungría, that has come to Buenos Aires for some time before returning to Iceland.

Get your tickets right here and delight your ears! 

8 pm | $800 | Centro Cultural Favero | 117 y 40 (La Plata)