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Has Primavera Sound left you all soaking wet and grumpy? Have you come to the not-so-sudden realization that local music is, in fact, amazing and you want to support it? Am I making too many rhetorical questions? If you’ve said “yes” to any of those questions, then you’re at the right place. This week’s Setlist features a couple of well-known festivals and some new ones thrown into the mix. Of course, there are some singer-songwriter fechas and some album and single presentation gigs. It’s a smorgasbord of music and you are all invited to pick a plate! Vamos

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Hija de Tigre at Casa Brandon

With a new single called “Playa Franca” just recently added to their catalog of infectious tunes, Hija de Tigre will be playing a set at Casa Brandon. The always eclectic pop and dream pop quartet seem to be teasing a new album. Perhaps this new presentation at the most iconic LGBTQ+ venue in Buenos Aires will feature some more new songs.

We are eager to find out and so should you! Get your tickets here before they run out! 

8:30 pm | $1000 | Casa Brandon | Luis Maria Drago 236


Festival Musica Expandida #5 at Roseti

Musica Expandida always brings some resident artists from UNSAM university, and they never disappoint. This time they say it’ll get a bit chaotic so we’re pretty excited about what we’ll have on our plates. Five projects will present their music this year at Roseti, who’ve been kind to provide the venue for the event. For those looking for some sonic experiences that will test your boundaries, we think you can’t miss it. 

Get your tickets here and find out more about the artists here

8:30 pm | $1120 | Roseti | Gallo 760

Fabricio Robles plays Pasajero and more

Fabricio Robles is one of those artists that blimped on our radar and has stuck with us ever since. His unique approach to acoustic arrangements and his tender silky voice swiftly positioned him as one of our favorite artists this year. Pasajero, his latest release, features tunes that we’ve been aching to see performed live. Fortunately, Casa Brandon will be the place and we couldn’t be more excited! 

Get your tickets for Fabricio’s full band show here

9 pm | $1000 | Casa Brandon | Luis Maria Drago 236


Luca Laurito Quintet at Morán

A pop sensibility rarely seen in the industry, an R&B influence that hooks you immediately, and stellar musicianship: all of these describe Lucas Laurito’s music. We’re lucky enough to get the chance to see some of his tunes this Saturday at Morán. If you’re into smooth and atmospheric pop and almost dub-ish beats, you’ll definitely want to hang out with this quintet. 

Score your tickets for the show right here. See you there!

9 pm | $800 | Morán | Pedro Morán 2147

Festi La Sala 4th Edition

We always love featuring festivals that we didn’t know about before. This time we’ve got La Sala and their very own festival. Malena Rampi, Jimena Gonik, Facundo Grandio and Tade Fonk will all be playing some of their hits. We’ll be there, will you?

Make sure to grab a ticket and join us by following our link here

7 pm | $2000 | Teatro Santa María | Montevideo 842

CAIFT: Tecno Edition at Artlab

As evidenced by our La La Lista Halloween Party, we know y’all like to party hard. That’s why we want you to come over to Proyecto Gomez Casa’s party too! Artlab will be hosting a techno gig filled with DJ sets, live performances, and PGC himself playing some tunes. CAIFT never disappoints, and we really wanna see how techno it can get! 

Snatch some tickets over here

9 pm | $2000 pre-sale | Artlab | Roseti 93