We are in feriado mood, y’all! 

Welcome back to The Setlist, the place where you get your live music fix and we get the satisfaction of having our immaculate musical taste validated by our readers. In all seriousness, we love bringing you these live shows and this week is looking extra spicy.

This week we’ve got glitch pop, jazz, rock, math rock, doom metal, and some folk for good measure. So let us delay this no longer and take a plunge into our beautiful Buenos Aires underground scene.

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Los Mudos dúo and Patricio Carpossi Trío at Morán

We are kicking off our weekly agenda with a gig for the jazz fans. Shine your fancy pair of shoes, get yourselves a cool pocket watch, and get ready to swing.

Morán will be hosting a jazz night with Los Mudos dúo with their old-timey jazz tunes and Patricio Carpossi’s troop of musicians who’ll be playing some jazz fusion bangers in a trío format. 

This is a call to all jazz-heads to head down to Cultural Morán and score some tickets for a smooth and chill Thursday evening. Get your tickets here

9 pm | $1500 | Morán | Pedro Morán 2147


Buey Solo (Solo Set) at Panda Rojo 

While it may sound confusing, Buey Solo will be playing a solo set this week at one of our favorite venues in Buenos Aires: Panda Rojo.

Buey Solo has a very distinct singer-songwriter twist on a tried and true rock foundation that takes one back to the indie rock sounds of 2014, in a good way! 

This set will be completely FREE and requires no prior reservation, although we recommend you get there early and support both the venue and artist.

9 pm | FREE (A la gorra) | Panda Rojo| Sarmiento 3096

Marttein presents El Toro at El Emergente (Almagro)

With a sound so balls-to-the-walls as Marttein’s, not featuring the El Toro presentation in The Setlist would have been a disservice to all La La Lista followers.

Marttein’s El Toro presentation will be a musical and performative show divided into 3 acts all trying to channel the energy of a bull. Yes, a bull. Taking elements from glitch dance music and Arca-esque neo-reggaeton booming sounds, Marttein is one of those artists that’s extremely difficult to categorize and we’re kind of in love with their entire persona.

You can catch this soon-to-be-memorable experience at El Emergente de Almagro. Get your tickets over here before they run out! 

11 pm | $800 | El Emergente de Almagro | Acuña de Figueroa 1030


Kurí + Supertierra + Kilmatara at Moscú

We’ve got a varied gig for you all on Saturday. Emo math-rock darlings Kurí will be sharing the stage with the doom metal duo Supertierra and Kilmataras own brand of progressive rock. 

This one is for those who want to take a deep dive into some of our scene’s most niche genres. Though these bands have been playing for quite some time, it’s strange to have them all in one gig, so it’ll be a treat to the ears to have to hear them play one after the other. 

You can get your tickets to this show at Moscú by sending them a DM right here

Midnight | $500 | Moscu | Cordoba 4335

Fantasmagoria and Winona Riders at Strummer Bar

Our next Saturday show is for fans of the psychedelic. No, not psychedelics, though there might be some overlap. Trippy and texturally dense Winona Riders will share the stage with the indie-on-shrooms brand of rock that the guys from Fantasmagoria do. 

The gig will take place at Strummer Bar, a recurring venue on our lists, because they always bring some of the weirdest and most interesting acts to their bar. Get your dose of space music by scoring some tickets following our link right here! We’ll see you there, space cowboys! 

8 pm | $1000 + 150 | Strummer Bar| Godoy Cruz 1631


Ciclo Aguante la Manija 

Once again, La Manija Records will be celebrating their own DIY ciclo Aguante la Manija with artists from all over Buenos Aires. Get ready for a real mishmash of genres all coalescing in one venue: Morrison Club Cultural.

The show will include performances from the sad pop club members of Pelopincho, the Jupiter y La Vía duo, Rodrigo Gabba’s band, and 0800 Algo’s heartfelt slam poetry songs. 

It will be a celebration of that uncontrollable energy that drives an artist’s ambition: la manija. Score your tickets at the door! 

8 pm | $500 | Morrison Club Cultural | Espinosa 1159