Oh god, this year has gone so quickly it is scaring me.

Soon we’ll be celebrating Halloween and then the year will be bloody over. 

As usual, we’ve been turning over rocks, looking around the corners and uncovering some old favourites and fresh morsels for you to devour. 

This week we’re featuring balls-to-the-wall punk, spacey shoegaze, and out-of-this-world experimental pop in this edition of The Setlist.

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Adrian Mastrocola Trio at Borges 1975

Adrian Mastrocola returns to the stage of Borges 1975 as part of a trio to deliver some jazz and swing classics. This iteration will be free form and flowing, allowing the band to explore inventive phrasing and improvisation.

The trio are known for being a tight outfit, having played many shows together. It certainly doesn’t hurt that this will all be taking place in a beautiful setting. 

Make your midweek a little less dreary by grabbing a ticket here. 

21:00 | $1500 + Booking Fee | Borges 1975 | Jorge Luis Borges 1975


Federico y Los Pajaros at La Boheme Live

Federico y Los Pajaros recently released their second studio album Círculo back in June at Lucille. 

The band can be described as mixing elements of rock nacional with other genres. The solo project of Federico Horenstein sees him pulling together a group of musicians he’s long worked with to form friendships of creativity and build what would develop into their big sound.

Admittedly the show isn’t as central as most of my Setlist recommendations, but it is an excellent venue and the band is certainly a crowd pleaser.  

The show is free, support the band by purchasing a pre-order beer prior to the show here.

21:00 | Free | La Boheme Live | Av. Gaona 2796

Ferrari Y Los Missouri at Kif Bar

Guido Ferrari leads his band Ferrari y Los Missouri alongside fellow artist Nico Leyba.

Both artists are stylized as delving into the more rock-bluesy sort of avenues with a mix of original tracks intertwined with classic covers. 

Interestingly, Guido seems quite new to going out solo having previously performed with the band Gigantes En Japón— a band which leans far more into British Alternative/Indie with largely driving drums and bass compared to this much more Americana-focused project. 

21:00 | Free Entry | Kif Bar | Cordoba 5600


Las Extraterribles & Guests at Otra Historia

Las Extraterribles certainly lean into the darker sides of rock with distortion being the key to their aggressive riffs and pounding drums. At times, I thought I was listening to extra tracks off Iggy Pop’s Fun House album when I came across this traditional punk band with a flautist. It brings an interesting dynamic to an already badass band.

Meanwhile, Elefante De Piedra is straight balls-to-the-wall-no-excuses-no-prisoners classic punk with ferocious energy. They’re insanely in your face for a 3-piece, which has earned them massive respect in my books.

Las Piramides Invertidas are a more grungey band. Through their beautifully produced EP Fatal (2020) I was able to get a sense of what they have to offer. Interestingly, the EP has some songs which certainly caught me off guard with elements of Latin dance and bongos before kicking into decidedly savage punk. 

Grab a ticket for the show here through MP.

20:00 | $600 Pre Sales + Booking Fee OR $700 at the Door | Otra Historia | Estomba 851


Emmanuel Horvilleur at Teatro Vorterix

Known mostly for his work alongside Dante Spinetta in Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas, Emmanuel Horvilleur has established himself as an equally successful solo artist.

In his most recent album Pitada, Horvilleur returned to and reinterpreted different songs from his 5 albums released as a soloist. Features included are Bandalos Chinos on Llamame, Zoe Gotusso on Amor Loco and Chiara Parravicini on 19.

Emmanuel Horvilleur is proud to return with a new show where he will review his discography and showcase new songs from his 7th studio album.  

Entries to the show are available here.

21:00 | $3500 + Booking Fee | Teatro Vorterix | Av. Federico Lacroze 3455

CALOR BESTIAL at Club Cultural Matienzo

CALOR BESTIAL is an event which will bring together 3 phenomenal artists together for one night only, all exuding different waves of experimental exploration and performance.

Mimi Lagarto can most closely be categorized as experimental Latin electronic pop. Her latest release Delaluz (2021) sometimes feels like a trap album with more traditional Latin sounds, particularly with her guitar riffs. It can feel like the music can be contradicting but blends together so fluidly. 

Nat Spiner will take you on a journey brimming with electric guitars, dreamy harmonies, and poetry alongside her band. Spiner has a super good session that she recently recorded with the team from La Sala.

Flor Saban continues to be an enigma that I can’t quite figure out and THAT is a strong appeal to me when it comes to her music. Her first album LA FLOTA, explores a wide array of elements. It is soulful, yet can slip into a classic pop modality in the next track.

You can get your entries here.

21:00 | $900 + Booking Fee Pre-sales | Club Cultural Matienzo | Pringles 1249


Pablo Pino at Niceto Club

Pablo Pino is a singer and composer from Rosario. Pino will be bringing his solo project PINO KR together with his band Kive Rono for the first time in CABA.

He recently released the first part of his album called Fase Inicial: RAN.

Pino was mostly recognized as a member of Cielo Razzo, a grungey rock project (which frankly differs wildly from his new direction).

Pino stated in an interview that Cielo Razzo acted as his education in order for him to pursue his own endeavours. Being able to branch out on his own has provided him with a new challenge to really take the reins in his music making.

Purchase your tickets here. 

20:30 | $1000 + Booking Fee – 2×1 | Niceto Club |  Av. Cnel. Niceto Vega 5510

Kuri and Guests at El Surco Cultural Center

Sadly I’m still yet to witness Kuri, who I recently wrote about in a previous Setlist. Their EP fotosensible really caught my ear and I haven’t been able to get them out of my head.

Joining them on Saturday will be fellow friends Adios Baco, Heidi, and Cortinas Púrpura.

To get a sense for Adios Baco give their album Craneo de Quiz a listen. It’s a a strong first release for a band still finding their sound.  

Heidi is most definitely shoegaze and I want a full EP already (so hurry up guys)! I came across a rough two-track demo which has already peaked my interest.

Sadly I couldn’t find anything from Cortinas Púrpura so this could mean they’re still working away on their first release which is always exciting.

You can purchase your tickets here.

21:00 | $450 Pre Sale OR $600 at the Door | El Surco Cultural Center | Av. Boedo 830 

Excursionistas and Re Signados at Niceto Bar

Excursionistas have a sort of odd sound which blends rockabilly, folk and blues. Their live shows have been described as a wild experience which predominantly can be attributed to their insane energy.  

They’ll be playing with darkwave / post-punk outfit Re Signados who are almost the polar opposite—a much more restrained band with floaty synths and dreamy vocals.

I’m not against this approach because I can never understand why venues seem to always book bands who sound exactly alike to play in one evening. So if you’re looking for some nice variety this is definitely a good option.

22:00 | Free Entry | Niceto Bar | Niceto Vega 5507


Pablo Demarco at Centro Cultural La Casa del Árbol

Pablo Demarco presents his new album Los Días Lentos. It’s an excellent album of 12 songs written and performed by him, composed over almost twenty fleeting years and recorded in 2021. 

Each of the tracks is accompanied by a photograph by Juan Pedro Fullana. This will be the first time that these images will be exhibited. 

The evening will also feature a delicious reception of canapés made by Caro Greco.

Tickets are available here.

20:00 | $1000 + Booking Fee | Centro Cultural La Casa del Árbol | Av Cordoba 5217