Spring is here and so is The Setlist! 

Before you go out there and smooch the person closest to you to commemorate the start of one of the best (if not THE best) seasons of the year, check out some of the stuff you can do this week around Buenos Aires. 

For all of you impatient folk, know that there’s a wide variety of shows that range from old-school grunge to velvety folklore and all the way far out into the world of field recordings and musique concrète. Oh, it’s gonna get wild and we want you in! Welcome to The Setlist.

By the way, don’t forget! We’ve got an events calendar. If you have an event you’d like to promote, just fill out the form here and we’ll have it live on the site within 24 hours. If you’d like to be featured in next week’s Setlist, please submit your event by the Monday previous to your event to be considered.


Mermelada de Morcilla and Nonpalidece live at Playón Municipal Alberdi

Our first event of the week coincides with the start of spring, which fits our Wednesday gig. The always-championed Mermelada de Morcilla and the classic reggae giants Nonpalidece will be playing a free show at Caseros out in the wacky and beautiful wild conurbano

Since the date will be free and outdoors, you can expect there to be loads of people, so be ready to dance all day. If it rains though, you’ll be happy to know that the event will be rescheduled for Friday 23rd. 

6pm | FREE | Playón Municipal Alberdi | Juan Bautista Alberdi 4840, Caseros


Emma Shaka at La Tangente

Accompanied by K4 and Nenagenix, Emma Shaka will be rocking the stage at La Tangente this coming Thursday. 

Now, for those unfamiliar with Emma’s music, we can safely say that she embodies the visceral spirit of the early days of grunge and the crusty and vengeful sound of early punk bands from back in the day. 

We don’t want any of your to miss this extremely raw and visceral performance so score your tickets by following our link

8 pm | $1800 | La Tangente | Honduras 5317


Los Totales, Los Sub and Deportivo Alemán at Punkisaurio

If you haven’t noticed already, a big chunk of our Setlist this week is filled with powerful and unapologetic punk acts. Our Friday event will follow the theme by bringing us Los Totales, Los Sub, and Deportivo Alemán

While not technically punk bands, these three indie titans have a punk/post-punk vein running through all their music and live performances. If you ask us, that’s pretty punk! 

You can catch them and their tunes at Punkisaurio in the neighborhood of Ezpeleta. Keep in mind tickets will only be on sale at the door so take some cash with you! 

8 pm | $500 | Punkisaurio | Brasil 1036, Ezpeleta


Festival Estacional Primavera at Panda Rojo Espacio Cultural

One of the most resilient venues in Buenos Aires will be opening its doors for its very own Spring festival and you won’t want to miss it.

Panda Rojo will be hosting a celebratory event featuring the likes of Daiana Leonelli (and her infectious tunes), Maxo Garrone (and his unparalleled caustic humor), and the Aluminé duo (with their own version of classic tango songs with a twist).

Not only that but there will be loads of expositions by artists from all over Buenos Aires and even an open wall for improvisational pieces. In fact, you can participate if you shoot them a DM!

Though the event is technically free, they do encourage you to support the artists through this link! Our suggestion is that you should! 

8 pm | FREE (donation suggested) | Panda Rojo Espacio Cultural | Sarmiento 3096

Compilado Festival: Spring Edition at CC Limonero

It just wouldn’t be The Setlist without a brand new festival just waiting to be discovered. As always, La La Lista delivers. We’ve brought you just that! 

This time we’ve got a proper smorgasbord of artists that go from acoustic pop to straight-up field recordings manipulated live and a solo violinist. We urge you to listen to all the artists playing cause they are truly built differently. 

We’ll have Emily And, Werk, Wanda Neto, Alex Musatov, and Lucía en Cursiva along with loads of visual artists setting the scene for an amazing debut! 

Head down to CC Limonero and get your tickets before the venue runs out of spots! 

8 pm | $400 | CC Limonero | Salguero 668, Almagro


Fabricio Robles at Centro Cultural Nueva Uriarte

There’s something in Fabricio Robles’ voice that just tugs at the heartstrings like no other. With a style that flirts with folklore and singer-songwriter folk, he manages to navigate both worlds with surprising ease. 

In this show, Fabricio will be playing some songs from his latest album Puentes at Centro Cultural Nueva Uriarte. He’ll have with the aid of a full band of musicians ready to bring his delicate but emotionally potent songs. 

Get your tickets by following our link right here and get a seat before everyone else! 

9:30 pm | $1000 | Centro Cultural Nueva Uriarte | Uriarte 1289