Welcome back to this week’s The Setlist! 

We’ve got loads and loads of festivals and even some new ciclos for those of you who are always looking for new music scenes. We have thrown in new artists we think you’ll love so really it’s a pretty sweet assortment of gigs we’ve got coming this weekend.

We are really excited about a celebratory event happening on our agenda, as well as some long-awaited festivals we can’t wait to share with you. So, scroll away and find your next big weekend plan. This is The Setlist and we are here to deliver: 

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Iman + Uma + Lisa at CC Richards

Our weekly event plans kick off with a mid-week pop escapade at CC Richards. Three exciting new artists will be playing sets featuring their latest releases. Iman, with her melismatic melodies, Uma and her soothing vocals, and Lisa’s angelical harmonies.

It’s always super exciting to feature brand new artists so make sure to head down to CC Richards if you are into some groovy and laidback pop tunes! 

The link for the tickets is here! We hope you have a blast! 

8pm | from $500 | CC Richards | Honduras 5272


Haien and Antonia Navarro at La Casa del Árbol

Thursday brings a stellar show from Haien and Antonia Navarro. The spot is the already popularly adored Casa del Árbol and it makes sense that such a whimsical event is happening in a tree house. 

Haien is one of those artists whose music clicks with you in seconds. With her latest release called Olas she’s been making waves (no pun intended) in the local indie-pop sphere. Antonia Navarro will be playing with Haien and she’s been featured in one of our Monthly Music Roundups, so you know it’s going to be good.

Follow our link to score your tickets before they run out! 

8pm | $800 | La Casa del Árbol | Av. Córdoba 5217, Palermo

Maia Monaco presents Experiencia Cosmos at Morán

Described by herself as an immersive ritual, the electronic artist and composer Maia Monaco makes a bold claim about her music. It makes absolute sense upon listening to her Cosmos EP

This electronic tribal music sonic experience is truly different from what we’ve been hearing lately. If you’re into atmospheric meditation music with wild and out-there autotune melodic phrasings we’re sure you’ll fall in love with Maia.

The experience is gearing up to be a very singular event, so make sure to catch some tickets before Morán gets absolutely packed. 

9pm | $800 | Cultural Morán | Pedro Morán 2147


Festicumple 3: Mugre + La Piba Berreta at JJ Circuito Cultural

The people from El Rock de Les Pibis are celebrating their 3-year anniversary with the Festicumple festival! This time they’ve got a killer combo with the pibas from Mugre and their garage rock power trio as well as La Piba Berreta and her absolutely insane live set. 

If you don’t know the people from El Rock de Les Pibis, they are an independent media outlet who are covering the local scene (just like us!) and we are really excited for them and their achievements! 

Head down to JJ Circuito Cultural and celebrate with them! There’s even a pretty neat afterparty you won’t wanna miss! 

Tickets here! 

9pm | $1500 | JJ Circuito Cultural | Jean Jaures 347


Ciclo Infinito: Sereno y Los Seres Extraños + Fer Henry + Dulce Amargo + Bebi at La Casa del Árbol

Ciclo Infinito is back again and this time there are loads of artists on the bill! As you might already know, Ciclo Infinito has featured a myriad of classic and new underground musicians ever since it began. It shows no signs of stopping.

We’ve got bands like Sereno y Los Extraños with their psychedelic rock tunes and even some music from the Uruguayan artist Fer Henry! There will be much more music so make sure to check out the flyer for more info. 

This one is gonna be for the books so make sure to head down to La Casa Del Árbol once again to see these artists and bands live! 

9pm | $700 | La Casa del Árbol | Av. Córdoba 5217, Palermo



Pardo Festival: Las Eras + Dum Chica + KRRSV and more at Complejo Belgrano

We’ve been waiting for this one for quite a while and it’s so exciting that it’s finally here! Pardo Festival has gathered some of our favorite darkwave and postpunk artists and created a festival that would satisfy everyone’s growing appetite for this genre. 

Las Eras and their suburban analog sounds will be sharing the stage with the indomitable Dum Chica and the puzzling and abrasive KRRSV along with an extensive list of similar bands and artists.

If this sounds like it might be up your alley, then we strongly encourage you to score some tickets and check out what’s going down at Complejo Belgrano this weekend. 

8pm | $1300 | Complejo Belgrano | Av. Belgrano 2608

Ciclo Cauce de los Rios 7: Funes el Memorioso + Emily And + Teo Caminos

One of the best Ciclos around is making a return this week, featuring some of the top musicians in the scene. 

We’ve got Funes el Memorioso, a band that has elevated the standards of what indie-rock sounds like with their catchy and deep songwriting. Emily And is back on the scene and she’s ready to shower everybody with a helping of new and old tunes from her ever-expanding catalog. Finally, there’s Teo Caminos and his sugary and nostalgic songs to close the event. 

Head down to Alihuen Espacio Cultural or get your tickets by following our link here! 

8pm | TBD | Alihuen Espacio Cultural | 5 1835 (La Plata)