Welcome, all to our very last week of July! If you’ve already had it with the Julio Iglesias memes and you’re ready to move forth into August with some live music to keep you company, let me welcome you to your trusty source of gigs happening in town.

This week is full of surprises, we’ve made some amazing band discoveries this last month so you’ll find it refreshing that there’s something new for everybody! There are even a few venues making a return after lockdown, which is exciting news! If you are ready to finish the month on a high note, then look no further! The Setlist has got your back! Let’s dive right into it: 

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Ciclo Infinito at Casa del Árbol 

A recurrent series of gigs under the name of Ciclo Infinito has been upping the ante and offering new and exciting shows for those looking to expand their auditory palette. This time, long-time indie darlings Yuli y Tonga will be sharing the stage with some up-and-coming artists such as the duo Chabrol, Camila Giambrone, and Leandro Zappia. The running theme in all of these artists is a rawness in how they deliver their lines and their melodies. People who are really into these modern storytellers will surely enjoy what these extremely committed artists have to offer.

The gig will be taking place at Casa del Árbol and you can score your tickets here

9pm | $600 | La Casa del Árbol| Av. Córdoba 5217


Penny Peligro, Ryan and The Puñeters at Salón Pueyrredón

Salón Pueyrredón will be the hosts of three big pop-rock acts this coming Friday. Penny Peligro, one of the scene’s most celebrated songwriters will be joining forces with Ryan and their catchy rock-infused pop bangers and The Puñeters and their angular and at times grungy version of indie-rock. Though Salón Pueyrredón tends to host much more aggressive and abrasive acts, it’s a nice change of pace to have these acts coming on stage and rocking the venue for a change! 

If you’re interested to see what these amazing bands sound like in a live environment, make sure to score your tickets by following our link here!  

7pm | $500 | Salón Pueyrredón| Avenida Santa Fe 4560 

Zoe Gotusso at Tecnópolis

Here at The Setlist, we never want to miss the chance to point you towards free shows, and this one you don’t wanna miss. Zoe Gotusso has slowly but steadily made a name for herself in the scene as one of pop’s most delicate yet imposing voices around. Both her solo work and her features have earned her a very special place in many artistic circles. If you’ve heard her name being thrown around recently and want to experience what her music sounds like in a live setting, Tecnópolis is opening its microstadium again during the winter break for a one-time Zoe Gotusso performance.

The best part is that you don’t have to make any reservations. It’s all completely free for anybody looking for a nice afternoon in one of our biggest cultural spaces! 

6pm | FREE | Tecnópolis| Av. de los Constituyes 2220



Primer Lío multidisciplinary show at Panda Rojo Cultural

We are doing a little balancing act with this one. While it isn’t strictly a gig, Panda Rojo is offering a full-fledged variety show special with musicians, theatrical performances and even some poetry and art expositions. On the musical side of things, we’ve got Martín Coria and Nicolás Blum and their guitars, both offering very different acoustic performances. Poets such as Francisca Pandolfo and Pablo Sinardi (and more) will be reading some written pieces and Estefanía Revas will be performing a theatrical act that we don’t really want to spoil here! 

All of these performances will be a la gorra, which means that you can pitch in with your hard-earned pesos to support both the artists and the venue itself. It’s worth remembering that Panda Rojo has soldiered on even after the pandemic almost completely obliterated cultural centers, so make sure to give all these wonderful venues the support they deserve! 

8pm | A la gorra | Panda Rojo Cultural | Sarmiento 3096



N.T.S.C and El Club de la Destrucción at Camping BA

With fiery energy and a hungry heart, N.T.S.C and El Club de la Destrucción will be playing live sets at one of our favorite venues in the city, Camping BA. N.T.S.C have only grazed our ears a couple of times before, but they’ve been making some waves with their unique approach to pop with an edgy grunge attitude. Sonically the production is immaculate, so we are eager to see what these live performances will sound like. Next, there’s El Club de la Destrucción and their deeply atmospheric brand of spacey folk tunes that capture elements of Blood Cultures, Beach House and Big Thief. 

You can score your tickets by following our link here!

6pm | $1100 | Camping BA | Av. del Libertador 999