Hello friends! 

I hope you’re having a great “Dia del Amigo,” catching up with all those people that are important to you and your life and sharing a day or night together with a nice meal or maybe a couple cheeky drinks.

I personally love going to shows with friends, especially if I get to introduce my pals to new artists and music from the city. So why not show your current crew of friends some great local haunts and hey you never know maybe you’ll make some new friends along the way.

This week in the Setlist we’ve got some murga, a bit of tango, and even some hyper-pop. 

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Andry Bett and Parkour en el Geriátrico at La Tangente

The stage of la Tangente will be playing host to two extraordinary artists from our neck of the woods.

Andry Bett is an artist who likes to branch out in different directions when it comes to writing music and this experimentation makes it difficult to pin him down to solely one genre. Particularly on his album Cariño, Acaso No Lo Ves?, it’s easy to see that he doesn’t like to be pigeonholed, and this gives him absolute freedom to change his style almost from track to track. Also, certain he is preparing for the release of his second studio album which is said to include influences such as David Bowie, Charly Garcia, and Talking Heads

Accompanying Bett in this evening will be Parkour en el Geriátrico, a fun project with lyrical content that matches the reality of everyday life, moods, and dreams. I dove into their back catalogue which at times can be quite bluesy but more recently is sounding more and more soulful which I guess is a reflection of the changes the band has gone through since their inception in 2019. They gel together insanely well and it appears they’ve built comfortable energy where they’re all in sync with one another to produce a ridiculously tight outfit. 

Parkour en el Geriátrico was born at the beginning of 2019 in the West of the Buenos Aires suburbs (Buenos Aires, Argentina). It is made up of Naiara Volpe (piano and voice), Flor Manigot (guitar and voice), Annie Guerra (guitar and voice), Candela Bello (drums), Julieta Bramuglia (bass). They make songs about the things that happen to them, affective states, epiphanies, and kittens.

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20:00  | $1200 + Booking Fee | La Tangente | Honduras 5317


Apólimos at JJ Circuito Cultural

Apólimos is a young band from CABA, founded in early 2021. When I say young, I mean these guys have only just come out of high school and are already tearing it up in the local scene. 

The band boasts a wide range of influences from Charly García to Chico Buarque. The main writing force and singer behind the band Santino Barberis, who exhibits some surprisingly mature songwriting abilities. After a sold-out performance only a month ago the band will be returning to JJ Circuito Cultural once again.

The crazy thing is that the band is still yet to release a full album or EP yet is still making their mark in such a short amount of time. 

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22:00 | $650 + Booking Fee | Circe Fábrica de Arte | Jean Jaures 347



I love me some tango and what better place to see it than at CAFF!

The reason being is that the FACAFF (Family of the Club Atlético Fernández Fierro) brings together artists from different countries to promote and share the culture and music of tango and in this gathering, they’ll be presenting two artists from Buenos Aires.

Quiero 24 is a group which isn’t afraid to dip their toes into humor while also touching on some of the more serious social issues plaguing the country. The band effortlessly blends these two contrasting ideas to create a show which is equally funny and breathtaking. In 2014 the group was chosen as the ‘Revelation Artist of the Tango Festival of CABA’, alongside their back catalogue of music and their hardworking attitude this band is without a doubt a fine example of world-class level tango music.

Joining them will be Ruggiero Targo, an instrumental quintet made up of Juan Manuel Palacios on guitar, Facundo Kasdaglis on piano-Rhodes, Nicolás Acosta on double bass, Javier García Atencio on drums and Adrián Ruggiero on bandoneon, guitar, composition and direction.

Ruggiero Targo group takes the core components of tango and expands the limits of the genre allowing them to delve into including elements of progressive rock and jazz as well. This amalgamation of sounds is melded in a way that doesn’t affect the original structure of tango but explores it more deeply with the use of other genres.

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21:00  | From $600 + Booking Fee | Club Atlético Fernández Fierro | Sánchez de Bustamante 772


La Maurette, Panchito Villa & Lirio at Camping

This stacked line-up taking over Camping will be sure to please with a great mix of phenomenal performers.

La Maurette is an artist that explores elements of late 90’s lush pop with sweeping synths but sprinkles it with chilled-out RnB beats. The actor turned musician launched her music career in 2008 with the release of her debut album Victoria. In this return to the stage for the artist in these post-pandemic times, you’ll be presented with some of the latest tracks off her yet-to-be-released album.

Weirdly I’ve witnessed the birth and rise of Panchito Villa during my time here in Argentina. For the last 2 years, he’s grown a dedicated fan base with his melancholic, dreamy, heartfelt songs which capture feelings of loss, love and hope. He certainly has been one of the artists I’ve been closely following since he came onto the scene with his self-titled debut. Also, with new songs, being recently released it seems he too is gearing up to release a new album shortly. 

Lirio is such a vibe it’s unreal. The self-described hyper-pop artist is a different cut from the majority of other musicians in her sphere, her music itself is fun and uses electronic elements to an extreme point which further elevates the cutesy sort of kawaii feel of her production. She is sleek and polished but most importantly she has songs which are unquestionably catchy with fantastic rhythm. 

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21:00 | $1000 + Booking Fee | Camping | Thames 240


Ducho and La Favio Closs at Galpón B

La Favio Closs and Ducho crossed paths for the first time in mid-2021 with their Murga style. This time they’ll be performing together at Galpón B.

If you haven’t heard of Murga before (which I certainly hadn’t), it’s a style of music which usually is very percussion driven but also features a chorus of singers. The bands are usually consisting of many musicians and it’s at times even quite theatrical.

Ducho will be performing alongside the La Favio Closs in a spectacular show which will certainly make this Sunday feel like the biggest party of the whole weekend. 

I’ve already checked out the band and they are incredibly passionate with an energy that is infectious and will leave you wanting more. 

You can grab yourself a ticket here. 

19:00 | $1000 + Booking Fee | Galpón B | Cochabamba 2536