Welcome all to our weekly gig agenda, where we bring you the very best the city has got to offer in terms of live shows, ciclos, and festivals! This weekend is rather packed with everything from festivals to new venues and even a birthday celebration that requires you to cosplay (if you wish to do so) as the members of the band. Yes, it’s gonna get wild. So get your game face on and keep scrolling to find out what this week’s Setlist has got in store for you.

As always, keep your eyes peeled for more La La Lista content on the horizon, and make sure to support local artists! With that said, buckle up and get ready! The Setlist is coming your way.

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Festival XD: Marina Fages + Piba + Amigas Nuevas + Camionero

Our very first event for this week’s Setlist is a brand new festival! Festival XD features some brand new acts and the one and only Marina Fages headline it! Piba, is a band of pibas who combine the unadulterated sound of rock and roll with a grunge aesthetic too. There’s also Amigas Nuevas, an electronic rock trio with a sound that incorporates sampled beats with driving bass lines and sparse guitar accompaniments. Last but not least, Camionero is a straight-up rock and roll act that we are eager to discover in its live format! 

This new festival will be happening at Niceto Club and you can score your tickets by clicking this link right here! We’ll see you all there! 

7pm| $1000 | Niceto Club | Niceto Vega 5510


El Cauce de Los Rios Ciclo 6th Edition at Roseti

One of our newest additions to our weekly agenda is this not-so-new ciclo called El Cauce de Los Rios by the people of Fuego Amigo Discos. In this edition Chelo, one of the most prominent figures of the space-rock/space folk scene will be sharing the stage with neo-psychedelic ambassadors Palusunsystem. Poet and performer Zezé Fassmor will also be sharing a memorable performance with Tomi Pojaghi painting some sonic soundscapes. Kraut rock and danceable dub music is this edition’s theme so you’ll definitely want to be there. 

If you want to experience this unique lineup for yourselves, make sure to follow our link to get your tickets for this gig at Roseti before they run out! 

8:30pm | $700 | Roseti | Gallo 760

Gativideo celebrates Boutique at Niceto Club

Perhaps one of Argentina’s most vivacious and wacky acts right now, Gativideo sounds like what happens when you combine the funky energy of bands like Parcels with the tongue-in-cheek attitude of bands like Ween all into one vibrant neon-colored package wearing shades and drinking off a pineapple. This time, Gativideo will be taking Niceto Club by storm in celebration of their latest album called Boutique

There’s even a dress etiquette that urges attendants to cosplay as members of the band, which sounds very on-brand for these loveable nutcases! Get your tickets right away, they are quickly running out! 

8pm| $1500 | Niceto Club | Niceto Vega 5510


Lio Celaya + Flor Cozzi + Blú Mond at Samana Red Cultural

One of our favorite plans for the weekend is an odd but really beautiful one. It’s a three-artist gig with Lio Celaya (who’s been selected on one of our MMRs), Flor Cozzi and her luscious acoustic songs, and Blú Mond with his emotionally charged electronic folk tracks. These artists are perhaps one of the best and most daring in the underground scene and we are tired of them not getting the love they deserve. 

Go and see them perform live at Samana Red Cultural and get your tickets by DMing Lio here!

8pm| $350 | Samana Red Cultural | Jorge Newbery 2909 

Intendente and The Colorated at Camping BA

Our lovely people from Camping are known for organizing some kick-ass gigs and this time won’t be the exception. As you all know, here at The Setlist we are all about shedding some light on all artists in our scene. That’s why we are excited to talk about this nasty and loud show with Intendente and The Colorated laying some sick beats and bars on the always amazing Camping stage. Both with their own sonic identity, Intendente, and The Colorated have been making waves in the trap and drill scene so this might just be the perfect introduction for those who are not in the know and want to jump head first into this genre. 

As always, make sure to grab your tickets by following our link here!

7pm| $880 | Camping BA | Av. del Libertador 999