Welcome back to The Setlist! Our weekly music show agenda where we bring you the new, the classic, and the genre-bending acts happening around our city! You’ll learn what this week’s theme is as you read through our events, so I won’t spoil it for ya. Suffice it to say you’ll get a myriad of options to choose from whether you want festivals, solo gigs, or even some pride month events! Hold on tight and let’s dive into this week’s The Setlist: 

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Catalín Munteanu + Aye Lobato at Vuela el Pez

Our very first event this week is a two-punch combo from two of our favorite solo artists in the game. There are Aye Lobato’s tunes, that perfectly balance soft acoustic ballads with some fiery and almost Pescado Rabioso-ish rock tunes. Then there’s Catalín and her very own brand of angular and intricate guitar loops. The most exciting thing about this gig is that both artists will be playing in full-band format, meaning that all the lush arrangements that these musicians often manage to create on their own, will be supported by lush instrumental backing musicians. 

If you’re as excited as we are to hear these two powerhouses play some of our favorite tunes in this brand new format, make sure to get your tickets for their show at Vuela el Pez as soon as possible! 

10pm | $500 | Vuela el Pez | Av. Cordoba 4379


Los Bilis, Un Jardín Primitivo and Nuk Ronson at Ciclo Cosa Sana

If you know what The Setlist is all about, then you know that we would never miss the chance to point you toward some wild punk shows. This time won’t be the exception and this one is certainly one for the books. Ciclo Cosa Sana is a brand new ciclo aimed at promoting abrasive and highly experimental bands. This time there’s Los Bilis with their crusty and searing punk riffs, Nuk Ronson’s experimental pop/chillwave, and Un Jardín Primitivo with their good ol’ post-punk sound. It’s as if these people knew what The Setlist is all about: variety and kick-ass off-kilter gigs. 

Tickets are flying so make sure you don’t miss out. The gig will be happening at La Casa de Luca so grab your tix by following this link! See you there! 

10pm | $500 | La Casa de Luca | Adolfo Alsina 451


El Cauce de Los Rios 5th Edition at Morrison Club Cultural 

As we’ve reported in the past, El Cauce de Los Rios has quickly become one of the best ciclos around our city, with their wide array of artists and bands all gathering together to celebrate music. This time, they are celebrating their fifth edition with a bunch of amazing artists. We’ve got the dreamy and always soothing Funes El Memorioso, the trippy and catchy Brigada Barceló, and one of our favorite singer-songwriters: Biloba

You can catch them all at Morrison Club Cultural, which has been a bastion of culture in our post-lockdown cultural landscape. Tickets are now for sale so go and grab ‘em at the door! 

Make sure to shoot them a message on Insta and get some tickets to see what’s all this about! 

9pm | TBD | Club Cultural Morrison | Espinosa 1159

Ciclo Juglar: Isla Mujeres and Barbi Recanati + Lux Raptor (Duo Set)

As you might have already noticed, this week’s The Setlist theme is new ciclos! We’ve got a new one from the people from Casa Brandon and El Vahido. The aim of this ciclo is to celebrate LGBTQ+ culture with live shows, poetry, and workshops. In their very first ciclo, they’ll have Isla de Mujeres playing some tunes as well as a duo set of Barbi Recanati and Lux Raptor also playing some songs off their back catalogs. 

This ciclo will be FREE, so make sure to make it in time so that you don’t miss it! The gig will be taking place at Espacio Cultural Carlos Gardel

7:30pm| FREE | Espacio Cultural Carlos Gardel | Olleros 3640

MUGRE at La Tangente

The power trio of Jazmín Esquivel, Sofia Malagrino and Mariana Michi returns to the scene to deliver their power-pop bangers at La Tangente. We love MUGRE, so we’re excited to headbang along.

8:30pm| $1000 | La Tangente | Honduras 5317


El Hombre Anormal and Losa Radiante at Niceto Bar

It’s no secret that the math-rock and post-rock scene has been taking over in the last couple of years. There’s been a fresh new wave of artists leaving their footprint on almost every single venue in our city. This week, we’ve got two highly influential bands joining forces for a hefty helping of both of these genres. There’s El Hombre Anormal and the gargantuan sound and Losa Radiante with their peppy and noodly guitar licks. 

Head down to Niceto Bar and get your tickets beforehand by following this link! See you there! We’re eager to see you guys try and dance to odd time signatures! 

11pm | $600 | Niceto Bar | Niceto Vega 5507