Hi, hello! This week’s The Setlist is looking like a nice little mix of the classic and the brand new. You see, we’ve brought you some new festivals and some bands that are playing their very first shows and taking the leap into the exciting path down the challenging roads of creativity. On the other side, we’ve got some of our indie darlings playing some modern classics at enigmatic and highly experimental festivals. The Setlists is always there, at the fringes of the scene, looking for the next great band that will shake our “indiesphere” down to its core. Welcome back to The Setlist!  


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Queridas and Perro Fantasma at Club Cultural Matienzo

We’ll kick off our week with a pair of bands that embody everything that’s right with the current female-fronted shoegaze landscape. Queridas and Perro Fantasma both carry the torch of what bands like Cocteau Twins did with a synth-driven twist and lyrical themes that are closer to the suburban experience of Buenos Aires. Queridas lean more on the synth side of things and Perro Fantasma manages to be both quippy and almost post-punk-ish at times with chorus-laden basslines and deep vocals.

Make sure to catch them both at Club Cultural Matienzo this Friday by following our link here and scoring those sweet, sweet tickets.  

9pm| $900 anticipada| CC Matienzo | Pringles 1249


Festival Mutante at C Complejo Art Media

This brand new festival is one that we’ve been waiting for quite a long time. Not only will it be hosted at a relatively new venue but it will also feature a bunch of artists that we really love. Festival Mutante features bands such as Mi Amigo Invencible, Lucy Patané, Melanie Williams & El Cabloide and more. What’s more, there will be loads of artistic installations and visual artists showing some of their trippy work. If you are in the mood for some crazy performances and boundary-pushing artistic pieces, make sure to go to C Complejo Art Media. It’s gonna be a big festival.

The tickets are really running out FAST, so make sure to score them by following this link right here

7pm | $2240 | C Complejo Art Media| Av. Corrientes 6271

Kurí + Adiós, Baco + Almanaques at Batacazo Cultural

Genres such as math-rock, emo, and post-rock have always had such a niche place in our “indiesphere”. The people angular guitars of Kurí, the visceral Adiós, Baco, and the dreamy Almanaques all bring those often obscured genres into the light at Batacazo Cultural. You can also expect some music from DJ Dropout, one of electronic artist Vompfrat’s personas. Head down to Batacazo and score some tickets to hear some angular noodling!  

Tickets can be scored by shooting artist a DM  right ‘ere.

9pm| $500 | Batacazo Cultural | Av. Medrano 627


Ciclo Pan y Vino at Salas Tifón

Salas Tifón have been working on the ciclo Pan y Vino by inviting a bunch of artist to play in what they are calling La Mansión Tifón. It’s all got an air of secrecy, so much so that the address can only be obtained by shooting them a DM. In this opportunity, there will be a bunch of artists playing, among with there’s the great Biloba and Frank Berlin & Los Poetas.

Make sure to shoot them a message on Insta and get some tickets to see what’s all this about! 

7pm| $500 | Salas Tifón | DM for address 

Satori Delta at Centro Cultural Recoleta

Picture a 60s surf rock band playing some Latin-American classics with some Moog synths and some trippy vibes. That’s Satori Delta and their show at Centro Cultural Recoleta. In this iconic Cultural space, loads of envelope-pushing artists have shown some of what they have to offer. If modern spin on 60s surf rock hasn’t sold you on it already, nothing will. 

No need to make any reservations, the show will be free during the early afternoon and you can just get in as you arrive.

5:30pm| FREE |Centro Cultural Recoleta| Junin 1930