The cooler nights seem to be bringing the cooler shows with a bloody great mix of styles and genres coming out of the woodwork this week. Also, I spoke too soon in the last edition because I managed to track down three tasty festivals to sink your teeth into. 

This week we’ve got improv beatmakers, noise creators, and the sounds of Brazil in this edition of The Setlist. 

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Tomy Sainz & Pablo González at Morán

The rhythmic gods have seemingly aligned to bring these two back together for an evening at Morán.

The power duo drummers of Tomy Sainz & Pablo González are a force to be reckoned with especially since they are widely connected with some of the top names in Argentine hip-hop, trap, and indie. (Ca7riel, Wos, Juana Molina, Dante Spinetta)

It makes sense seeing as these two have firmly stamped their mark on the local scene and internationally featuring on many an album and EP.

However, this evening will play host to the release of their second release together ‘ZONA #2’, a continuation of their previous release of the aptly named ‘ZONA #1’.(2020)

The brilliant thing is that no two shows will ever be the same with lingering elements and ideas being the foundations for extremely off-the-cuff improvisations.

Tickets are available from here. Be sure to buy quickly because numbers are limited!    

21:00 | $900 | Morán  | Pedro Morán 2147


HUMANA at Club social 911

Humana is still a reasonably fresh project to come out of the quarantine period with both Elis Garcia and Malvina Borges collaborating together playing as a duo in small venues while covering songs and mixing in originals. 

After this initial start in 2020, the two of them have now put together a fully-fledged band and are also currently in the process of recording their first album alongside the team at Bombay Estudio and it may actually be in the final stages. 

From initial snippets and word around town and by that I mean social media. This will be their first official show with the full live band and they’ll also be showcasing 3 videos off their first release. Bloody exciting for these guys! 

Tickets are available from here. 

19:00 | $750 | Club Social 911 | Avenida Dorrego 911


Festival del Microclima Vol 11. at Roseti 

Festival del Microclima is coming into it’s 11th volume and by golly have they managed to snag a pretty tasty line-up for this edition.

The music from this and past events is best described as free-form, experimental and most definitely improv.

They say variety is the spice of life and you certainly won’t be bored by these 11 reverbs and splices. The evening will feature 8 sets from 8 different musicians. 

So definitely go in with an open ear and open mind and see some scientists at work. 

Tickets are available from the link here. 

20:30 | 600 + Booking Fee | Roseti | Gallo 760


Festival Local at La Casa Del Arbol

I love it when a new festival is birthed, it’s like seeing the first flower bloom of spring and I’m sure Festival Local will spread its roots into the local scene and cement its place in Buenos Aires.

Expect to see musical performances from local artists Fenómenos Naturales, Pulover, Muma Mundo & Franiadas.

Additionally, a fanzine market will be on display at the venue. Also, if you got a tattoo itch that needs to be scratched you can probably pick yourself up a nice wee piece of ink while you’re there – too easy! 

You can grab your tickets here.

Doors open 19:00 | $700 + Booking Fee | La Casa Del Arbol | Av Córdoba 5217


Festival Del Compostaje at Parque El Dorado

To celebrate the end of Composting Month on the grounds of Parque El Dorado will be the ninth edition of Festival Del Compostaje.

Lucy Patané and Fémina will close off the day that begins at noon with a cooking workshop led by Perla Herro and Alex von Foerster, leaders in the conscious eating space and the new agroecological cuisine. Then, they’ll be diving into the microbial world with the help of engineer Pamela Natan.

In addition, during the day there will be workshops for children, an agroecological fair and local/popular stalls, and from 3:00 p.m. live music will be kicking off with Josephine Helmet, Island Dani, Nata Rottman, and Mary Pie.

During the day there will be a space for activities and workshops for children + Fair of local producers for tasty, conscious and self-produced food

Most of the activities of the day will be accessible to the deaf community, with simultaneous interpretation in sign language. 

The coordination of the Composting Festival is possible thanks to the collective effort of the activists of the campaign, the support of the municipality of Escobar through, and the Ministry of the Environment.

13:00 | Libre  | Parque El Dorado | Parque El Dorado, Ingeniero Maschwitz, partido de Escobar


Broder Bastos Trio at Congo 

Broder Bastos is most well-known for being a part of Ciro y los Persas a band that certainly mixed its fair share of rock with local Argentine elements such as Tango. 

Since then Bastos has gone on to start his project which focuses primarily on the music of Brazil alongside his own works which explore his heritage with the bassist originally hailing from Rio Grande Do Sul. 

Not only will the setlist be featuring a strong Brazilian presence but so with the personnel with Bastos gathering local musicians from his homeland to feature on stage with him.

For some, it will be a night filled with nostalgia and for others, it will be a beautiful introduction to Brazilian music. 

You can grab your tickets to the show here.

20:00 | $700 | Congo Club Cultural | Honduras 5317