Welcome back all of you beautiful people to this week’s the Setlist, your go-to source for amazing and brand new spanking gigs for the adventurous, the bold, and the daring. Why are you saying this? You might wonder. Truth is that this week, while short, our list is truly a salad of flavors. We’ve got some melodic trap, some funk and mathy rock tunes, wacky electronic sets, and some atmospheric alternative rock. This one is going to be one for the books and there’s nothing we’d hate more than you missing these. Let’s take a leap and check what this week’s Setlist has got in store for us_


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SOK and Melow at Club de la Música

Up and coming singer-songwriter SOK has been making some waves in the undergrounds scene with his blend of trap beats and chill acoustic songs ever since he participated in freestyle events such as El Quinto Escalón and Batalla de Los Gallos. He’ll also be joined by local guitarist and singer Melow, with her very own brand of what a heartfelt and piercingly beautiful set is. 

This will all be going down at Club de la Música in Villa Ballester and tickets will be available through Eventbrite through this link

9pm | $300 | Club de la Música | 4449 Juan B Alberdi (Villa Ballester)

Algodón and Melanie Williams & El Cabloide at Pura Vida (La Plata)

Of course, we don’t ever wanna make our platense crow feel left out! Because of that, we’re formally inviting all La La Lista readers to head down to La Plata and enjoy a show that promises Algodón’s groovy and psychedelic iteration of indie pop-rock and Melanie Williams’s funky and infectious beats for a truly magical evening. 

The gig will be happening at Pura Vida, one of the most iconic venues of La Plata, it’s impossible to miss. Tickets are available through Passline following this link

12pm | $800 | Pura Vida | Diagonal 78 e/8y61 (La Plata)


Tronor, Catalín Munteanu and Peronoise at Morrison Club Cultural

A rather busy bill to kick off our Friday shows, this one has got quite the variety. First, we’ve got Tronor an artist that describes itself as literally “popcore pretango with a bit of postdance hardbop and freetrap transjazzrock but with influences de cyberfolk and mathdub psicobiker” take that as you will, the music sounds wild. Catalín with her gorgeous guitar loops and whimsical soundscapes and Peronoise and their absolutely lysergic midi-based tunes. 

This absolute mind melter of a gig will be hosted by the people from Morrison Club Cultural and you can get your tickets here

9pm| $400 | Morrison Club Cultural| Espinosa 1159, CABA


Piel Reloj at Cooperativa Cultural Qi Villa Crespo

With a good bunch of songs under his belt and a lot of collaborative efforts with his project Anybody There, Piel Reloj returns to the stage presenting some songs off his soon-to-be-released album vincapervinca. Piel Reloj’s unique take on what the current indie scene is gearing towards offers a nice change of pace, with atmospheric tunes and angular playing that sounds refreshing and new. 

Cooperativa Cultural Qi has been truly knocking it out of the park these months and they couldn’t have gone without a shoutout for their amazing job. Get your tickets for this show and many more over here! 

9pm| $400 | Cooperativa Cultural Qi| Thames 240