Welcome all to this wonderful space we’ve called The Setlist, where you get your fix of the best and most varied live shows here in Buenos Aires. This week we’ve got an eclectic bunch of shows that will surely leave everybody satisfied. There are some acoustic solo sets, a much-awaited return of a band that hasn’t played for a long time, and even some experimental shows that will truly put your ears to the test in more than one way.

As always, though we hate sounding like a broken record, please remember to take your mask and support your favorite artists and venues so they can keep putting together these great shows. Remember, you are also part of the community! Let’s not delay this any further and jump into this week’s events:

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Krish Eagle and Nunca Llegamos a la India at Hormigón Club de Radio 

The people of Hormigón Club de Radio are no strangers to our Wednesday slot cause they always spot artists who are making their way through the underground scene. El Portal Teatro will be hosting the event and the soul and blues musician Krish Eagle will be bringing the big guns for an acoustic set full of his peppy Cherokee flair. Meanwhile, the guys from Nunca Llegamos a la India will be presenting some of their latest tracks in a more laid-back set. As always tickets are a la gorra so make sure to always pitch in and support your favorite artists! 

9pm | A la gorra | El Portal Teatro | Lavalle 3073


Ivo y Javiera (ex-Bife) at Centro Cultural Morán

For those who’ve been around for quite some time in the Buenos Aires music scene, you’ll be happy to know that one of the most iconic duos is back at it again. We are of course talking about the band formerly known as Bife. Consisting of Ivo Colonna and Javiera Luna Fantín, Ivo y Javiera have got loads of albums under their previous band name and if you’re in the market for some pop and cumbia tunes with a dash of trans-inclusive social commentary (because it’s high time, ain’t it?) then we are positive you’ll love them. If you don’t love them already, that is! We are eager to see how this change in name will bring to the duo’s sound and we’ll be there to find out this Thursday. Get your tickets here or contact Centro Cultural Morán for more info! 

10pm | from $800  | Centro Cultural Morán | Pedro Morán 2147


Festival Musica Expandida #1 at Roseti

One of the things I love about our beloved music scene is how there’s always something for everyone. Recently I have been dipping my toes into the turbulent waters of noise rock and auditory art installations. As if my prayers had been heard, Espacio Roseti and Musica Expandida (from the university UNSAM) have teamed up to organize an event to showcase some projects. One of our favorite musicians Carola Zelaschi and many more will be presenting off-kilter and all-around weird and compelling auditory experiences. This is a strange one so it’s for sure something different and we strongly encourage you guys and gals to give it a chance. We certainly will! Get your tickets here

8:30pm | $550 | Roseti | Gallo 760


Nosotrxs en la Costa festival ft. Cuarteto Divergente and Chita

We all love a good free live concert, don’t we? Nosotrxs en la Costa is a free show near the coast of Vicente Lopez. The great thing is that two live acts that we really enjoy will be playing some tunes. There’s Chita, one of the most critically acclaimed pop-trap acts around, who’ll be playing on Friday, and our personal favorites Cuarteto Divergente, a string quartet that performs amazing renditions of rock nacional songs in a way that adds tones of atmosphere to the originals. We recommend you go relatively early since we can predict that it’ll get pretty crowded fast! 

6:30pm| FREE | Rio Vicente Lopez | Laprida y el rio


Sofia Viola 15 year anniversary tour closer at Xirgu UNTREF

It’s been 15 years since Sofia Viola first stepped foot on a stage and she’s celebrating such a huge milestone with the people from Xirgu UNTREF. Sofía’s repertoire is filled with several music genres but all of them are crossed by a deep love and appreciation for our land, our deep-rooted traditions, and a truly respectful representation of every part of our beloved South American region. She’ll be playing with some surprise guest appearances both on Saturday and Sunday so feel free to attend any show you desire. Just make sure to hit the link here to make your choice! See you there for this truly joyful celebration of music. 

8pm| $800 | Teatro Xirgu UNTREF | Chacabuco 875