Three years ago, a scrappy group of expats and locals bonded together to create a different kind of cultural magazine; one that eschewed the canje culture and boy’s club mentality of comparable publications to talk about the art we care about from this country we call home.

A little over a year ago, this plan was upended for just about everybody with the onset of a global pandemic. Like everyone else, we were caught off guard, but we rejiggered our plans and soldiered on. So how do you run a cultural magazine based mostly around food, music, and art events when the cultural scene is at an apparent standstill?

You cover the new musical output of the brilliant music scene, which never stopped producing despite being temporarily barred from the stage. You interview artists of all stripes, bringing attention to the projects they continue to pour themselves into. You revisit the restaurants that are still operating in the midst of this, giving them a boost. You dive into the wealth of already available material: movies, books, artwork, classic albums, oddities you stumble upon. You agitate for the causes you care about. You do your best to keep the train rolling. 

In the last year, we also started publishing most of our content in Spanish in addition to English, which will soon solidify into a Spanish version of the site. This furthers our mission to highlight the Argentine art we care about, not just for the eyes of the wider world, but also for the local crowd.

It’s tempting to indulge in the melancholy of another year in lockdown, but we’re feeling celebratory. We’re feeling hopeful about things, with the end of this pandemic finally within sight. We’re here, we’re putting out content we are proud of on a daily basis, we’re highlighting some incredible work, and we’re not planning on stopping any time soon.

Thanks for reading us. Thanks for three years. Here’s to many more.