Aaaah, the glorious smell of a long weekend! What’s better than a whole lot of chocolate, holidays, and live music? Honestly, if there’s something better I’d rather remain blissfully ignorant. But for real though, this week is really special and you’ll know why once you scroll down this week’s Setlist. We’ve got festivals, ciclos, singer-songwriter sets, and even some jazz sprinkled over a long weekend filled with live shows. It almost feels…normal.

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Open Jazz Patio at El Quetzal

A total and an absolute must for jazz fans. El Quetzal will kick off the long weekend with a chill night of soothingly smooth sessions with Enrique Peña’s trio of clarinet, bass, and guitar. As you can tell from the video, their musicianship is off the charts, and you’ll definitely want to hear as they play both some classic jazz standards and some of their very own pieces. As per usual with these events, we encourage you to get your reservations by visiting their IG page and shooting them a DM. 

8pm | Reservation only | El Quetzal | Guatemala 4516


Festival Buena Vibra

You are not dreaming! One of Argentina’s biggest and meanest festivals is making its triumphant return after lockdown left everything up in the air. The iconic Festival Buena Vibra will feature an absolute gem of a rooster with artists from all over the indie scene and beyond. Have a look for yourself on their official page and you’ll know exactly what we mean. The festival will start this week and it will run all through the first fifteen days of April. But we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we didn’t let you know about this as it is unfolding. Get your tickets NOW! 

6pm | $4000 per day| Mandarine Park | Acesso Punta Carrasco (Costanera Norte)


Ciclo Nazepam at Morrison Club Cultural

There’s been a refreshing resurgence of ciclos lately. We suppose the advent of COVID brought forth the need to seek different ways of uniting artists under different flags. Today we bring Ciclo Nazepam, a ciclo that features up-and-coming artists and bands of the indie scene who are slowly making their way through the underground scene – which is still alive and kicking, mind you. They are doing these more and more often so make sure to not only go to this edition but also be on the lookout for more. You don’t need a reservation for this one, but make sure to get there early and collaborate with some money for la gorra

6pm | A la gorra | Morrison Club Cultural | Espinosa 1159


Ciclo Enciende Mi Fuego Vol.1

Another ciclo, but this time we caught it right as it’s debuting. Ciclo Enciende Mi Fuego (in reference to The Doors) will kick off its string of shows with a clear driving mission: to blow your freaking mind off this planet. First, there’s Chelo Lares and his unique brand of Acid Experimental House ala Trickfinger (John Frusciante’s Acid House venture) and then there’s Entidad Animada with their spaced-out ambient soundscapes straight out of a long-winded, distortionless Godspeed You! Black Emperor record. This is one of the good ones and missing out is definitely not an option. Make sure to contact Fuego Amigo Discos ( to make your reservations and then get your tickets ASAP!

7pm| $306 following this link | Morrison Club Cultural  | Espinosa 1159


Flopa Lestani at La Bicicleteria (La Plata)

Yet again, Flopa Lestani finds her way into our Setlist. Perhaps it’s because her brand of singer-songwriter music has the right amount of eclectic influences and tried and true melodic rock and roll. She’s been steadily rising ever since the release of her EP 5 finales para el mismo cuento in 2018 with support from prominent songwriters such as Paula Maffía and Lucy Patané. Flopa will be playing in La Plata this Sunday so make sure to end your long weekend the best way you can. Get your tickets by following this link and giving them a nudge on IG!

8pm| TBD  |La Bicicleteria | Calle 117 corner 40 (La Plata)