Can you believe we’ve already made it through a quarter of the year?! In 2021, The Setlist came back just like a certain messiah to restore life to the live music scene in and around Buenos Aires. As preachers of the good gospel of tunes, bangers and all other delights of the audio variety, we feel blessed to continue delivering you some biblical shows before the arrival of Easter.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: don’t forget to share the love with our bands, DJs, venues and the hospitality heroes delivering us joy from weeknight to weekend. Buy some merch, pay for a ticket or leave a nice tip, because we need to give thanks to the sometimes unappreciated champions of the entertainment spheres. 

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Los Mangrulleros at Lucille

Los Mangruelleros is a band that’s difficult to describe for the best reason: their sound is a fusion of different elements that culminate in a well-blended mix of jazz, reggae, dub, folk and more. The warmth in their playing and the relationships between the musicians produce an intimate performance that welcomes you into their circle. Being that this is their first show of the year, I can assure you it will be especially electric. Thankfully, the team at Lucille gave them two shows, because tickets to the 8pm one have already been snapped up.

23:00 | $700  | Lucille  | Gorriti 5520, CABA

Tickets available here.


Buena Vibra with Miranda! – Rayos Laser – Bresh

After a very difficult year for the music industry, Festival Buena Vibra is back and taking names. That means tastefully curated shows with even better vibes, amazing bands and artists, art shows and lots of outdoor entertainment. 

The weird and wonderful Miranda! will kick things off. To this day I have no idea how to describe this dynamic duo that simply can’t be pigeonholed in any way, shape, or form; let’s just say I’m excited for anyone who is yet to witness these two in person. 

Rayos Laser is such a tight act and I’ve got so much love for those guys, but one of the biggest parties at Buena Vibra will be Bresh, the electric DJ group and all-around most powerful being to exist in Argentina at the moment. They bring so much fun and fire, it’d be hard not to feel inspired.

18:00  | Prices Vary | Parador Buena Vibra  | Cecilia Grierson 400, CABA

Tickets available here.

Reggaetoxik at BeatFlow

This show is a bit of a mystery, with the lineup of Maria Sol, Olivia Mtk, Tocaeldala and LAIA being the only cold hard fact I could track down. Still, this mix is making me intrigued to see what the night has in store. 

Reggaetoxik seems to be the new kid on the block, so we’ll be seeing them cast their first stone into the Buenos Aires nightlife. Although we can expect a definite leaning towards big beats and of course a sprinkling of Reggaeton, only time will tell what this show brings to the table. 

20:00 | $300 | Beat Flow | Av. Córdoba 5509, CABA

Tickets available here.


DRMTM at Downtempo Rooftop Bar

This Saturday, DRMTM will be taking over the terraces of Downtempo Rooftop Bar from dusk till dark, featuring sets from Ricky Ryan, Marcos Peduto, Le Brousse and Ciardi.

Spaces are limited and if you haven’t visited Downtempo before, the venue alone is well worth checking out. DRMTM will be bringing progressive house sounds from the stage to keep you dancing till the early morning.

18:00  | $600 online | Downtempo Rooftop | Av. de los Constituyentes 3552, CABA

Tickets available at

Buena Vibra with Bandalos Chinos – Ainda – Telescopios – Miranda Johansen

This is another Buena Vibra show, and there are still more to come throughout the month of April! Buena Vibra’s return will see many live music fans reaching out with open arms to embrace the socially-distanced comeback of a BA stalwart that always brings the good energies. 

In this lineup we see the dream team that is Bandalos Chino return to the city with their jangly guitars and dancey numbers, plus the ever lush sounds of Ainda, with their brand of sweet indie pop created by uber catchy hooks and infectious beats. 

We can also expect an appearance from Miranda Johansen, bringing dark crushed beats that echo bouncing trip hop vocals. Finally, we can’t forget the incredible Telescopicos, who have been on my to-see-live list for way too long!

18:00| Prices vary | Parador Buena Vibra  | Cecilia Grierson 400, CABA

Tickets available here.

La Bomba del Ghetto at La Tangente

La Bomba del Ghetto oozes classic roots and reggae fundamentals while giving them a uniquely Argentine feel. This double show will take place at one of my favorite venues in the city, La Tangente.

This soulful group has always worn its influences proudly on its sleeve, and the genuine passion of each of its members makes the band’s covers all the more smile-inducing.

If you want smooth drum fills, hollering horns and sweet harmonies, look no further than La Bomba del Ghetto. 

20:00 & 22:00 | $800 | La Tangente  | Honduras 5317, CABA

Tickets available here.