Hey-oh! It’s your favorite music hook-up.

But isn’t it high time we introduce ourselves? You might be wondering who these fine music dealers are…You might also be wondering if you’ve got a chance at a date with us, perhaps…? But, I digress.

We’re going to keep the mystery until the time is right. Don’t fret, for we’ll come out from behind the curtain in due time…or not.

Do you know what’s more interesting than knowing our ture identities? A weekend’s worth of kickass live shows where you can support loads of artists who are back on stage. There’s even a festival…and man isn’t that a blast? Let’s get into it: 

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Paz Carrara at Casa Cultural C’est La Vie 

Paz Carrara is one of those artists that manages to juggle their influences without wearing them on their sleeve overtly. Her brand of folk-pop has an endearing quality, with songs featuring heavy yet tasteful effects on her voice and her instrumentation. On some tracks, her soft-spoken lyrics are backed by soft brass which give them a cushion-like texture. She’s definitely one of those artists you don’t wanna miss. Thanks to the peeps from C’est La Vie over in La Plata, you’ll get to see her perform some of her best tunes. by Get your seats here!

8pm | a la gorra by booking in advance | C’est La Vie Espacio Cultural | Calle 55 1143 (La Plata)


Ronda de Canciones at Chimera Espacio Cultural

This one is really special. You know how in every social gathering there are often those moments where someone takes out a guitar and starts jamming along with the rest of the guests. Now imagine that same sequence but with an assortment of extremely talented guitarists and musicians. That’s what Chimera brings us this week featuring the following amazing players and songwriters: Clara Gius, Eugenia Sasso, Sofi Álvarez, Catalín Munteanu, and Lujan Rissi. Get your tickets here! 

8:30pm | a la gorra | Chimera Espacio Cultural | Tres Arroyos 402 (Villa Crespo)


Penny Peligro and Niños Envueltos at Strummer Bar

Saturday starts off with a nice little two-punch combo. Penny Peligro and her recently released record are ready to come out and play with a brand new coat of pastel-colored paint, while Niños Envueltos decorate the stage with loads of guirnaldas in a festive frenzy fit for the occasion. If all of this doesn’t doesn’t sound like an exciting welcome back party then please step aside and make room cause the baby pink birthday cake is coming through. If you’re in the mood to be lighter and brighter (and really who isn’t right about now?) then get your beautiful self to Strummer Bar on Saturday. Also, the link for the tix is right here!

9:30pm| $400 | Strummer Bar | Godoy Cruz 1631 

Indie Club Verano Festival: Melanie Williams, Tarsitano and more

We honestly never thought we’d be talking about festivals so soon! But guess what…Indie Club has put together an amazing group of artists and bands for your enjoyment. Among them, there’s the incredibly talented Melanie Williams, who’s been on the La La Radar for some time now, Tarsitano, with his powerful ballads, Sueño Azul, with his electronic fusions and many many other artists you can check out on their profile. Keep in mind you can get a ticket for each set or purchase a pass for all of them (which we strongly encourage). Get the full deets by clicking this link.

7pm | $770: 1st Presale | Anfiteatro del Parque de la Estacion| Perón 3326


Alan Sutton y Las Criaturitas de la Ansiedad at El Abasto 

Where could one even begin to describe Alan Sutton‘s particular brand of music? Let’s just say that Alan’s catalog falls somewhere between rock-opera, soul, and funk with a dose of goofy but also socially charged lyrics. His style goes from reggae to hard rock from one verse to the other without sounding out of place at any given moment. Let’s just say that you need to see him perform live at least once in your life and we’ll leave it at that so you can tell us how it went afterward. Make sure to get your tickets, though! They are flying FAST. And yes, they’ll be building a stage around El Abasto!

7:30pm | $600| El Abasto | Avenida Corrientes 3247