Oh! Hello there, curious reader! I didn’t see you come in. It seems I lost myself vibing to some of this week’s absolutely smashing selection of live music! I’ll keep it real with you all: every once in a while, The Setlist features a real rollercoaster of events that can surely please ANYONE who dares to click on our webpage. And lemme tell you something… this week is THE week. If somebody told me there’s a weekly live music agenda where you can find live trap artists, neo-soul and hardcore in the same weekend, I’d tell that person to lay off the devil’s lettuce. But A) I’m not quitting jazz cigarettes anytime soon and B) That person is me so TIME PARADOX. That’s enough of my shenanigans, let’s get to it:  

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Simón Acido and Costas at Ciclo Caricias Significativas

After the resounding success of their first event, the people from Ciclo Caricias Significativas bring us their second version with two kindred spirits, Simón Acido and his trip-hop-infused pop songs and Costas with their synth-heavy ballads. This series of live events is shaping up to be one of the best of the post-quarantine scene. Having said that, due to social distancing protocols, the tickets are in extremely short supply. So more than ever: get your tickets ASAP by shooting them a DM here. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! 

7pm | $350 | Teatro Tai | Charlone 1752


Saramalacara and Six Sex at Camping 

Yesss! Camping is back! It fills us with joy to see these venues coming back to life after so long. One of our favorite and most featured venues will have a social-distancing-friendly stage and it will kick off with a trap-heavy night. We’ve got Saramalacara and Six Sex, two artists who take the concept of trap to new and interesting heights. Dark infectious beats and a balance of hushed verses and harsh distorted vocals. If you’re a little bit tired of dudes singing about girls they’ve banged (or want to bang), then give these pibas a listen. Better yet, support them and go see them live

7pm | $880 | Camping | Av. Del Libertador 999


Valen Bonetto and Tomas Llancafil at Casa Brandon

If we were happy about Camping coming back, then we are positively ecstatic that Casa Brandon is making a return, albeit as a show en la vereda. As an avid reader of The Setlist, you know Casa Brandon has been THE venue of choice for the LGBT+ community, and for good reason. They’ve been behind every major protest and it’s a hub for activism. This time is no exception to the rule: Valen Bonetto and Tomas Llancafil, two songwriters and celebrated trans activists, will be delivering the goods- guitar in hand and heart on their sleeves- this Friday. There’s no reservation required but do try to get there early to save a spot!

9pm | a la gorra | Casa Brandon | Luis Maria Drago 236


Le Blanc and Juan Ingaramo at San Andrés Golf Club

Picture an incredibly vast and open golf course. Are you there? Nice! Now imagine the place has been completely revamped into a festival-like venue in San Martin, out there in the uncharted lands of el conurbano. San Andrés Golf Club is one of those places that turn into venues every once in a while and, man, do we look forward to when that happens! I can speak for myself when I say it’s THE ideal place for zoning out to some music. I surely did when Juana Molina played there absolutely for free back in early 2020. This time, the place will host both Juan Ingaramo’s own brand of tropical and reggaeton-inspired tunes as well as LeBlanc’s silk smooth neo-soul. The tickets are extremely limited! Click here to get yours! It’s completely free but you’ll have to provide ID since the event is hosted by San Martin’s municipality.

8pm| FREE (with ID) | San Andrés Golf Club (GBA)| Ituzaingó 2736 (San Andrés)


Todos los Fiscales Muertos, Nadie Nos Calla and Metal Cobra at Centro Cultural Wainer

You know what puts me in a good mood? Blistering fast guitars and hardcore music. Luckily LLL has got you covered on every front. Such is the case with Sunday’s event featuring three hardcore bands from all around the city. Nadie Nos Calla, who is synonymous with hardcore barrial, Metal Cobra with their experimental and spacey hardcore and Todos Los Fiscales Muertos: a band you’ll need to listen to with a welding mask for fear of melting your face off. All of this will happen in the context of a festival organized by Centro Cultural Wainer, so hit them up to get your tickets right away!

4pm | $100| Centro Cultural Wainer | Ferré 1476 (Rafael Calzada)