Villa Crespo: the land of Atlanta, the outlets, the park. The bodegones, the small bars, the kosher bakeries, the camaraderie with your verdulero, the hipster theaters you’ve never heard of. The comforts of Palermo without all the pose. 

Fact: Villa Crespo is my home. Confession: I feel I don’t know it very well. I haven’t taken the time to really explore all there is, but I’m working on it. So I’m going to skip the Crespo Classics (Sarkis, Angelín, San Bernardo, Crespín, etc.) and the most acclaimed (Tintotería Yafuso, Yeite, Salgado, etc.) and mention a few places no one told me about when I moved here.  You might find something new to you as well.


We’ve mentioned Sampa in several other articles, so it’s not really news when I say this is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the city today. Simple, yet not flat. Authentic, comforting, well-made, delicious. This place just got its own thing going on. Ceviche de gírgolas, queso asado, tiradito de melón. My recommendation: the whole menu. Go back several times if necessary.



Velazco combines a vinyl store with a cozy bar. This charming little pub is almost never crowded, and I prefer it that way. Go on a date and talk about music all night with a couple of drinks, or go by yourself and browse your favorite records while waiting for your beer.


A small verdulería with no less than 37 disco balls that has existed for 28 years in the hidden, one-block-long street of Aníbal Troilo. Ok, this is not really a restaurant, but with LED lights, lasers and kitschy decor, it might make grocery shopping for tonight’s dinner a bit more entertaining. 



I take it you already know this one, but still: Cancha’s pizza is sooo good. Really. The kimchi pizza is super tasty and the mushroom pizza is my personal favorite, but their pizza del día can become the real addiction; it usually includes a fruity flavor and a sassy cheese (with “sassy” I mean other than muzza), and it changes every day. In addition, Cancha has grown to be the coolest kid on the block. It’s the place where you want to hang out with your old friends and casually meet your future friends while having a hot slice and a cup (yes, a cup) of wine.



This is a veggie ‘por peso‘ restaurant, but don’t let prejudice fool you: Evergreen has become my magic fix for an improvised lunch. It’s good, healthy and cheap. The owners are there and their permanent smile just upgrades your mood. I would suggest the eggplant pie, the sweet and sour soy meat and the stuffed buns to start. I also enjoy their butter-free apple cake.


I think this place is underrated. I myself dismissed it a couple of times, but after the persistence of a friend, I gave it a try. Ok, they’re just empanadas, so don’t expect a lot more than that; but still, damn good empanadas. And they have a thousand options (fine, not a thousand, but nearly 50 different flavors/combinations). Next time you need a empanada delivery to save your night, Tu Repulgue is a sure shot.