Another week of The Setlist and another week into 2021! Are you peeps excited? We certainly are! Live shows are slowly making a return, artists are being able to play after staying indoors for such a long time and we are super happy to share it with all of you. This week we’ve got electropop, synth-rock, chorus-laden singer-songwriter indie, and much much more! 

Remember we are doing these weekly and there are loads of surprises sure to come in the next couple of weeks. So hold on tight and let The Setlist space ship take you on a tour of the city’s sights and sounds!


Lucia Tacchetti at Museo Sívori

Lucia and her electropop ballads and bangers will finally be breaking free from the constraints of virtuality this week at Museo Sívori. Coming strong from the release of her latest effort ELETÉ Lucia continues to push the envelope in terms of textural sounds and songwriting. Perhaps the best part of this is that you’ll be able to witness her show absolutely free. We’ve featured Lucia before on The Setlist Quarantine Edition, so you know we mean what we say!

8pm | FREE | Museo Sívori | Av. Infanta Isabel 555


Peces Raros at Mandarine Park

The prolific and blissfully synthy Peces Raros will be making their post-quarantine debut at the stages of Mandarine Park. For those who aren’t familiar with Peces Raros’ work, we strongly encourage you to give their latest LP Anestesia a listen. Their hypnogogic beats and haunting vocal arrangements are an excellent mix of the ’80s and atmospheric soundscapes all in one neat little package. Make sure to get your tickets, cause there’s limited capacity and they are flying!

10:30pm | from $2000+service | Mandarine Park | Acceso Punta Carrasco

Guanaco and Renata Bade at Cooperativa Cultural Qi

Here’s a nice little combo for y’all! If chorus-infused guitars and trippy vocals are right up your alley then you’ll love what Guanaco and Renata Bade are preparing for Friday. Guanaco with its out-there harmony play and Renata with her soft- and at times low-key somber vocal effects will be playing an intimate set at the vereda of Cooperativa Cultural Qi for all those who attend. Just like with most summer events at Qi, make sure to make your reservations by shooting them a DM. The event is a la gorra sugerida of $200 so make sure to pitch in a lil’ more, cause they’ve been killing it with the live events. 

8pm | A la gorra sugerida of $200 | Cooperativa Cultural Qi | Thames 240


Nicolas Mateo at Teatro Artes Indepenientes

The TAI has been featuring loads of artists during these post-quarantine times. This time is no exception, as they’ll be presenting Nicolas Mateo. Describing Nicolas Mateo’s style is no easy task. Meandering vocal lines and western-ish guitar progressions litter most of his body of work. Still, most of his compositions come off as sordid in a very positive sense of the word. Meanwhile, some other songs feature upbeat tunes featuring trebly banjos. We believe there’s no better way of understanding what Nicolas Mateo is all about than seeing him perform live. Get your tickets by DMing Teatro Artes Independientes (45521709)!

7pm | | Teatro Artes Independientes| Charlone 1752

Los Bilis and Rayos de la Niñez at Strummer Bar

Finally, we are gonna end our weekly agenda with a recommendation for a very niche group of people. We love to feature complex jazzy outfits but every once in a while you need to listen to that abrasive but sugary brand of indie rock that knows it’s tacky and silly but still manages to hook you in. That’s why Los Bilis and Rayos de la Niñez will be joining forces this Sunday to bring forth a two-punch of feel-good catchy sets that’ll cheer you up so much you’ll skip the Sunday blues the next day. Get your tickets and head over to Strummer Bar! All thanks to Surfer Rosas

6:30pm | $300 | Strummer Bar | Charlone 1752