First and foremost it’s important for us to say that we are oh so very happy to bring back The Setlist in a format that suits our current situation. We are glad to that see most places are respecting social distancing and we hope it stays that way. Promoting and sharing live events is something we have been missing. Having said that – WELCOME BACK! 

Yeah, the pogos and drunken sing-alongs are a bit out of reach as of now. But, hey! Live shows are slowly making a return. That’s why we are bringing the ye olde Setlists back for all of those mask-wearing social-distancing-abiding music fans who enjoy our weekly agendas. Let’s not delay this any further and jump right in. 


Bestia Bebé at Roxy

With all due protocols in place, Bestia Bebé will be playing some tunes from their latest album Gracias por Nada. for all of us who are hungry for live performances. Bestia Bebé went through a little bit of a change of pace with their latest album so it will be interesting to see how they will adapt their brand new tunes to the live setting. The venue is Roxy Club and although it’s reasonably spacious place, we strongly encourage you to make your reservations ASAP. Tickets will be flying and capacity will be limited. Get your tickets here!

8pm | $2400 (between 4 people max) | The Roxy | Av Niceto Vega 5542

Mariano Loiacono Quartet at Thelonious Club

Picture Miles Davis speaking with a cordobes accent and that’s pretty much everything you need to know about Mariano Loiacono and his quartet. Right, that was a bit hyperbolic. But to tell you the truth, we feel that very few trumpet players manage to elicit such tenderness and melodic subtlety like Mariano does. Suffice it to say, if you like old-school jazz and you’ve been yearning for a chance to see a jazz ensemble play live, Thelonious Club has got you covered. Just make sure to take your alcohol en gel. Tickets here!

8pm | $600 | Thelonious Club | Nicaragua 5549


Lucy Patane Acoustic Set at El Barrio Cultural

Lucy is no stranger to the Conurbano Bonaerense as evidenced by her song Dock Sud. The award-winning composer and all-round badass guitarist will be playing this weekend in zona sur with nothing but her trusty guitar and strident voice. The venue? El Barrio Cultural. The capacity is extremely limited so you should RUN and get your tickets before they are sold out. If you haven’t already listened to Lucy’s work we strongly encourage you to listen to her self titled debut ASAP! Get your tickets here, shoot them a DM!

9pm | $600 | El Barrio Cultural | Dr Arturo Melo 4565, Remedios de Escalada

Lupe Sendra and Placard at Cooperativa Cultural Qi

Such an interesting combo of artists! Cooperativa Cultural Qi has been hosting loads of events on their sidewalk since the beginning of the reopening and one of them is this Saturday’s gig. Lupe Sendra, with her saccharine and catchy pop-folk songs and Placard with their hard-hitting and slightly psychedelic rock tunes, have joined forces and will be giving us our quick fix of live music energy. Get your tickets right here! A sidewalk is only so wide and you’ll definitely want claim your spot.

8pm | A la gorra | Cooperativa Cultural Qi | Thames 240


Festlisa at Cooperativa Cultural Qi

One could say that poetry can be musical in and out of itself and that’s the reason why we’ve decided to feature Festlisa for our Sunday event. The peeps of Cooperativa Cultural Qi are saving you from the Sunday blues with a poetry and music festival featuring icons of underground poetry like Marico Carmona and Gonzalo Duca, among others! There will also be music from Angeles García and some cumbia for when things get saucy. But remember! There’s nothing cooler than not getting infected so put a mask on and head down to the vereda

8pm | A la gorra | Cooperativa Cultural Qi | Thames 240