It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not because it’s Christmas, but because this nightmare of a year is finally ending! It’s the best news ever, unless you’re Jeff Bezos, of course.

In all seriousness, this year has been pretty tough for all the people involved in music-making, venue booking, and event planning in general. But fortunately, we’ve provided our grain of sand in the immense coasts of local argie music. Yeah, I’m getting all poetic on you, thanks for noticing. 

We know you’re all pretty insatiable, so for those who need a little bit more extra Setlist action you can always check out our previous entries by clicking this link right here!

1) Energia Itinerante 1st Place – Liyah 

Hailing from the cold lands of Península in our beloved Patagonia comes Liyah with her soulful and infectious grooves. Backed by a bass guitar and some samples, she is also the proud winner of the Energia Itinerante competition. Her lyrics are deeply engrained in themes that revolve around her roots and bridging the gap between hip-hop and traditional native American music. She manages to pull off the balancing act of having an amazing flow, while still delivering powerful vocals at the same time. A class act in the representation of our roots.

Oh Snap moments:

The whole song, honestly. The tune is called “Quien Va a Ser?” and it showcases Liyah’s wide vocal range, as well as her laidback flow and rhymes.

2) Lo Propio Y Lo Ajeno Sessions – Tomi Porcelli

With an amazing debut album called IR and many more projects in the works, Tomi Porcelli gifts us with an intimate session — the very first in the ciclo Lo Propio y Lo Ajeno. The set features both an original song by Tomi and a cover of “Hermanos” by Botis. His voice oscillates between the strident and the subdued and his guitar work is the perfect accompaniment for these angular yet soothing tracks.

Oh Snap moments:

The first tune “Cuerpo” is a solemn and painful track that’s got Tomi singing about the pain of impermanence, aimlessness, and indecision. As with most of Tomi’s songs, this song features fantastic harmonic work all throughout.

3) Paula Maffia – Placer 

You better run before you miss this one. It’s our favorite momma bear with her very own live movie/set that’ll surely blow your brains out. Composer of absolute bangers such as “Corazon Licantropo” and “La Espesura”, Paula Maffía comes at us with something new. One only needs to hear her bellowing scream on this short little teaser to know what’s coming. Placer is the result of months of recording and hard work and will be available on Alternativa Teatral for your viewing pleasure until December 7th

Oh Snap moments:

We won’t spoil it for you. Just be on the lookout for some amazing renditions of previously mentiones tracks as well as the astonishing camera work. They’ve really knocked it out of the park in this one.

4) No Me Escucho Records Festival

Our very first exclusively shoegaze and dream pop festival during the pandemic. The people from No Me Escucho Records have put together a hell of a festival, bringing artists from all over the world but mostly Argentina. We’ve decided to share day 1 of said festival, which features bands such as Die Noia Futuriszka, Ural Mountains and many, many more. It goes without saying that if you’re a fan of the spacy textured sounds of shoegaze, you’ll feel more than inclined to give these bands a listen as well as pitch in a couple of your hard-earned pesos for the cause!

Oh Snap Sets:

Die Noia Futuriszka’s set is a delight to the ears with their Souvlaki-sounding set. Luncil‘s set is amazing as well. The dream pop duo marries both tango-esque vocals with reverb-laden guitars.

5) Centro Cultural Nueva Uriarte – Nacho Moze Grupo

So, reader… Let me ask you a question. Do ya like J A Z Z? Cause we couldn’t close off this week’s setlist without it. This time, your jazz fix comes from Nacho Moze‘s sextet. No jazz standards only original compositions are what Nacho and their peeps are bringing for our listening pleasure. You’ve got piano, saxophone, upright bass, trumpet, and more. Thanks to the people from Centro Cultural Nueva Uriarte this and many more sessions are available on their YT channel so make sure to give them a look!

Oh Snap moments:

You could click anywhere on the video timeline and be greeted by jazz greatness, we personally recommend the very last tune, where everybody goes full bossa-jazz for the grand finale.