The weather is getting warmer and the quarantine sessions are getting hotter! We’ve been keeping you updated every two weeks about the latest live social sessions hitting our small screens with some of our favourite local artists. The great thing is you’ll never miss a beat because you’re in line waiting for a beer or using the loo. However, if you’ve missed one of our previous write-ups or you’re on the hunt for some more acts from your neighbourhood, you can check out our previous volume here.

This week I’ve added some mayhem and madness to the mix with some DIY punk, lush sonic soundscapes and ethereal folk music to carry you through. 


1) Sesiones Xirgu – Silvana Dagna

The La Plata-based Silvana Dagna evokes a mystical wave of beautifully stripped back folk with the tone of her warm guitar acting as the entree to her voice, and lyricism which makes this intimate session all the more personal and special.

Although she was a new discovery for me, certainly this session provides a great taster for anyone uninitiated in her work and showcases the great writing which prevailed on her late 2020 release Tierra Aparte.  

Stand-out Track:

00.14.00 – “Verte Bien” – A hopeful song which hits extremely differently when brought back to just the playful duo of acoustic and vocals. Silvana Dagna has the ability to make this track sound badass despite lacking the backing of a band. 

2) Centro Cultural Recoleta – Zoe Gotusso

I cannot applaud the Centro Cultural Recoleta enough for the absolutely killer lineups and sets they’ve been serving over the last wee during quarantine, and this session with Zoe Gotusso is no different.

She was labelled as emerging from the stratosphere of social media musicians, which I think is a disingenuous label since Gotusso has already proven her songwriting abilities are far more than just the product of virality. Zoe has continued to release banger after banger throughout 2020, and this session solidifies her place as a really likeable performer with great songs to boot.

Stand-out Track:

00:19:36 – “Ganas” – Easily the standout for me because of the pure passion in the performance and because it’s always great to see an artist enjoy themself.


 3) MusicaExpandida.Online – Sesión#9

Now for something completely different. Musica Expandida have been championing the music of interesting artists while providing them a platform to express their unique concepts and creations to a hungry audience. 

I’ve always been a fan of all things sonic and droney; however, it’s impressive to see such a collection of really daring artists taking advantage of such a perfect platform as Twitch. Viewing a session of ‘Music Expandida’ is not merely attending a virtual event; it’s a virtual experience allowing for a greater sense of creativity when blending audio with beautifully orchestrated visuals. Click the link here to check out the latest edition.

Stand-out Track:

00:31:51 – “Vertigo” – It was hard to choose my favourite project. However, the set of Julio Nusdeo provided ample madness with a range of elements being slowly introduced. A true mad scientist. 


 4) Buenos Aires Raw – PAISTERROR EN VIVO

They’re my favourite band and they should be your favourite band, too. The dynamic duo of DIY punkers PaisTerror put on an outstanding live session in the all-too-perfect setting of Halloween evening.

Truly unmatched in their abrasive and in-your-face artistry, there was definitely no energy lost in this explosive live performance. PaisTerror have been one of my favourite acts during the quarantine, and it’s just making me fizz even further over the possibility of catching these two live in a venue. 

Stand-out Track:

00:15:25  – “Chupacabra” – A beastly song performed in the same manner as how I imagine a priest would conduct an exorcism. Demonic is the only way I can describe this.


5) Palusunsystem – Canchita sesion

I’d like to consider this a phenomenal deep dive find, and I’m so glad I came across this session because I never would’ve been privy to the lush soundscapes and post-punk vibes of Palusunsystem. It’s the project of Lucas Mariano Coria, who earlier this year released his third album, Nómade, during the quarantine.

Despite the length of this session, the duo kept me enthralled from start to finish with washed-out grooves of pulsating synths carrying you through an uplifting set of beautifully crafted structures.

Stand-out Track:

04:52 – “Guerrerxs sonicxs somos” – Epically charged shoegaze goodness with post-punk vocals which had me vibing far too hard.