Hello again, dear reader! Welcome back to our little quarantine music corner, where we feature some of the best sessions recorded and/or released during the quarantine. This week we’ve got some intimate sets, but also a little bit of edge for those of you who are also into shows with a lot more bite. Remember this space was conceived as a place where you can show your support for artists, so make sure to follow them and collaborate with some hard-earned pesos if it’s within your reach. Let’s go!

Of course, there are always the oh snap moments if you’re lazy or just want to know which songs or parts of the set we really dig. They’ll link you directly to that part if it’s on YouTube.

1) Terrazas Vibes – Karina Vismara

After a rather long hiatus due to Covid, Terrazas Vibes have fortunately resumed recording of their beloved acoustic sessions in Buenos Aires’ terrazas. Enter Karina Vismara and her song No Se Deja Conquistar. The song’s subject matter is rather topical given the fact it’s about enjoying freedom and how it can come as something surprising once you open yourself to the possibility. The fingerstyle melodies coupled with Karina’s deep and rich vocal inflections help elevate the tune to new levels. Be on the lookout for the rest of this session, as it will be released soon. On that note, we’re sure you’ll enjoy Terrazas Vibes’ production, so make sure to lend them a hand via the Cafecito App following this link

Oh snap moment: The whole song, you silly goose! But seriously- the way she goes back to the intro melody after the chorus made me go daaaamn as my mouth peeled back to smile.

2) Vivo en El Sillón – NAFTA

After the release of their self-titled debut, NAFTA has been making waves in the underground R&B/Neo-soul sphere. While we strongly encourage you to go check out their debut in full, this bite-sized acoustic session shot by the people from FARDO suits them incredibly well. With only an acoustic guitar and three voices, NAFTA manages to accompany their setting: a rainy night and a cigarette smoke-filled living room. 

Oh snap moments: 1) The opener Vos No with its bossa nova chord progression and infectious hook: todo, todo, todo, todo, todo lo que toco lo rompo. 2) The track La Carta with the amazing harmonies and groovy chorus with a sudden key change near the end. 

3) La Paz Obligada – Mariana Michi

There’s really nothing I could add to what our music writer Emilyann hasn’t already in her exclusive interview with Mariana herself! What I will say is that this show/experience is worth every penny, from her collaborations with Loli Molina, Julieta Venegas, and many more, to the excellent production value both in the sound mixing, camera work, and scenography. You’ll be happy to know that the show is available for on-demand watching with a price range that starts at $270 by following this link! Musicians have been and continue to be dealt a pretty bad hand during this pandemic, so make sure to show your support and enjoy this amazingly lysergic experience.

Oh snap moments: 1) No Somos Reyes, an absolute banger with the disco ball refracting rays of light everywhere is stunning. 2) Perspectiva Dia de Viento with Julieta Venegas features both singers playing to their strengths in the melodic department. 

4) DILDA En Casa – Flor Gerson + Lucia Igarzabal

Time and time again, the people from DILDA find a way to amaze us with each iteration of DILDA En Casa. This week’s double feature is a fantastic mixture of abrasive and tender. First, there’s Flor Gerson with her thunderous guitar and bellowing vocals, a mixture of grunge and aggressive shoegaze. Then, there’s Lucia Igarzabal with her crisp vocals and an almost rap-influenced cadence in her singing. 

Oh snap moments: 1) Lucia’s Respira (9:50), a perfect track for lifting your spirits. 2) Flor’s Nada (12:41) a driving and powerful tune which features banging drums and heavy guitar work.  

5) Niguiri Sessions I & II – Dante Spinetta

I’ll be honest with you guys when I tell you that I never really got into Dante Spinetta’s music. I admit I had a sort of bias being that Luis Alberto had such a different approach to music than his son. I was apparently too quick to judge, for this session is an absolute delight. The level of musicianship on display is massive and there’s really no spot in this two-part session where I felt like I wanted to skip tracks. From massive-sounding rock songs to boom bap inspired tunes, Niguiri Sessions has certainly taught me a lesson in not judging Dante based on what his father did. Part II here!

Oh snap moments: 1) The opener Mi Vida features an amazing crescendo near the end. 2) The last track from Part II, Funk Warrior got my bass stank face on- and my god that solo near the end, Dante’s got some chops!