Well, hello there! It’s your favorite streaming and quarantine sessions dealer: The Setlist! As per usual, we’ve compiled some of the best and most forward-thinking performances we’ve managed to scout for you beautiful people. This week is packed with touching, trippy, and socially aware performances all throughout. Remember that you guys make a real difference so make sure to follow, like and support artists in any way you can.

This week we’ve got a few upcoming events to sweeten the pot. First, we’ve got Marton Marton presenting their live stream from Niceto: El Silencio Nos Trae Todo El Ruido today at 10 pm. You can score tickets here! Second, Esmeralda Escalante is presenting Santa Basura from Cultural Moran on Friday at 10 pm (tickets here). And finally, Diego Frenkel presents his latest project called Frenkeltronic thanks to Niceto Club at 10 pm (tickets here)

Be on the lookout for our oh snap moments. These highlights are some standout tracks or sections we feel you’ll enjoy just as much as we did. Or if you’re a little bit impatient (and frankly, same) the oh snap moments contain a direct link to the timestamps (on YouTube)

1) Vivo en Piyama – Marina Fages

Recorded in May, Vivo en Piyama is an intimate and touching little acoustic set by multidisciplinary artist Marina Fages. Of course, this set hadn’t seen the light of day until a few days ago, as it includes a new single being released; a cover of Eterna Inocencia’s Nuestra Fronteras. The set’s artistic direction is gorgeous, with still images of Marina’s apartment and the silent and scarcely-populated streets as the natural light dims near the end of the setlist. 

Oh snap moments: 1) The tearjerker Nuestras Fronteras: a song about distance and longing. This cover version really puts the original track under a different scope, which makes it refreshing.  2) The acoustic version of Hardcore Disnei shows just how rich the melody of the album version is.  

2) Festival Online Independencia Sónica – Rilev

Rilev‘s shoegazy and dream pop tone means business in Independencia Sonica‘s festival. With dreamscapes in the style of Slowdive but with more of an edge, Rilev delivers a stellar performance with a trio that sounds like at least four people are playing. The layers of sound piling on top of each other, packed with lush and shimmering instrumental density without once peaking or sounding cacophonous, make this set one to save in your favorites tab. 

Oh snap moments: 1) Days Before, the opener. Once the guitar lines starts you’ll see why it’s here.  2) The spacial and open sound of Fade is definitely something you need to check out.

3) Festival Para la Absolución de Luz – Paula Maffia

Luz Aimé Diaz, sex worker and trans woman was falsely acussed of homicide in 2018 and ever since the Argentine justice system has had her use an electronic ankle tag until the official trial. Fortunately, she was declared free of charges last week, and though Festival Absolución Para Luz started as support before her trial, it has now become a symbol of celebration. Perhaps we could all celebrate when the rotten putrid justice system stops targeting gender and racial minorities. Until then, Paula Maffia (and many others) can bring us some respite with songs in collaboration with Casa Brandon

Oh snap moments: 1) Paula’s iconic song Corazón Licantropo as the opener  2) The closer, La Fina Linea features Paula and her acoustic guitar aggressive strumming with powerful potency through her little cell phone speaker. 

4) Roseti en Vivo – Mene Savasta

This one really flew over our heads. Sampler extraordinaire and keyboard bass player for Lucy Patané, Mene Savasta is one of those musicians you stumble upon out of sheer luck and then you feel like you’ve discovered a secret you both want to keep to yourself but also share with the entire universe. Thanks to the peeps from Roseti, you can see her play some of her work from her debut “Campo Cercano”

Oh snap moments: 1) The absolutely gorgeous Peliculas at the start of her set. 2) Morféo, the off-the-wall sample fest which features Mene in a Portishead-ish voice giving the track an almost phantom-like quality. 

5) Odi Terapia – Odin Schwartz

Known for his outstanding work as a sideman for Juana Molina, Odin Schwartz has more than proven himself as a standalone musician with the release of his debut record El Iceberg Completo. In this set, however, Odin has created a series of live shows where he picks his favorite albums and covers them entirely by himself. While this doesn’t sound like the most revolutionary kind of live show ever, Odin’s vibrant personality and his ability to juggle samples and instruments with ease are what make these streams worthwhile. 

Oh snap moments: 1) I guess it depends on what album you pick. In my case, it’s his rendition of Radiohead’s In Rainbows and Bocanada by Gustavo Cerati.