Romance and quarantine…two words that don’t necessary go hand in hand in the traditional sense.  But we’re here to proclaim the possibility with a few ways to have fun with your significant other despite the less than ideal seclusion from the outside world. 

Although this whole situation has meant that we’ve been spending a lot more time with our partners, sometimes it’s nice to pretend that we’re not still stuck inside. With a little creativity, it’s actually an opportunity to build new memories and share new experiences without spending hours upon hours watching Netflix or scrolling through endless memes.

It’s worth acknowledging that not all of us have been hit by cupid’s arrow before lockdown, but certainly are looking to jump back into the sea feet first.  Now if you’re looking for some solid advice on how to go from taking tips from Dr. José Barletta to nailing it in the charm department why not check out our quick guide to dating during COVID.

Round The World

The great thing about living in Buenos Aires is the fact that the city is home to many expats from a variety of different countries, and in recent years it has birthed a thriving food scene which has enough range for even the most discerning foodie. 

In spite of the lockdown, many of your favorite food spots have managed to open their doors to delivery, whether it be through your traditional delivery apps, independent delivery, or local pickup. 

Therefore why not create your own night of tasting the flavors of the world from the comfort of your own home? Not only will you’ll be supporting some of our brilliant local eateries, but you won’t have to wash dishes that   night. 

While you’re at it, spice it up even more by ordering multiple things together and make it a night to remember eg: bao bun starters, pizza as a main, and your favorite ice-cream to top it all off. (Don’t at me bro, it’s not a choice it’s a lifestyle)

If you’re craving some winter warm-up meals to stay cosy, check out some of our local picks

Dream up a Theme

This idea might not be for everyone, but it’s something my girlfriend and I found incredibly fun: themed evenings.

After weeks of us coming to terms with the impossibility of going out, we finally decided to put a bit more effort into the time we spent together rather than just going through the same routine of work, sleep, repeat. 

The first idea I ran with was an Italian themed evening, with beautiful local pasta, sparkling limoncello & a classic Italian film, all the while dressing and acting like an over the top maître d’.

For the following themed night, my girlfriend went even more balls to the wall with a full 90’s slumber party theme, complete with classic cartoons, horrendous kids junk food, & chicken nuggets. It was absolutely perfect. 

The best part is that we tried to one up each every following week and the ideas became more and more outrageous as time went on. I can assure you this can be something equally as fun for you or even just a fun activity to do with your roommates. 

Here some great ideas you could try out yourself:

USA! USA!: American Food, Beer Pong & American 80’s Action Movies.

Bondtastic : Martinis, cards & wearing your most formal attire. 

Mob Mentality: Pasta, Red Wine & a classic mafia movie (Hey you can even go all Goodfellas and slice your garlic with a razor blade) 

Awesome Anime: Ramen, Sake & a touch of origami with a Studio Ghibli movie to top it all off. 

These ideas still not doing it for you? We have more. Check out Kevin’s perfect film and food pairings.


Arts & Crafts Craziness

Although my artistic skill level is next to none, you may be the next Pollock or Kahlo in waiting.  But perhaps you’ve never had the opportunity to spread your creative wings until now. 

The coolest thing about sharing an artistic experience with your significant other is there is no judgement and all fun, which means you get to see a different side of each other and create something where you can completely let loose.

The sky’s the limit, whether it be canvas, crochet or churning out a track, you can be sure that exploring your talents will prove a lot more exciting than your usual run of the mill evening. 

Sing A Song All Night Long

After all, what better way to woo your better half than to badly sing a rendition of their favorite song (or in my case belt out the entire soundtrack of ‘Mama Mia’ at full tit for all the neighbours to hear).

Although Nietzsche said “Without music, life would be a mistake”; I somehow don’t think he was referring to an absolutely plastered mid 20’s Kiwi singing ABBA completely off key.

The thing with karaoke is that it’s impossible to hate and anyone who speaks ill of this respected art-form deserves to be shunned to the high heavens. Fun-sucker.  

If you really want the full experience, why not throw in some awkward stock videos to set the tone and take you back to those forgotten evenings helming the microphone at Cena Show Club Cantobar San Telmo and barely making it back home.