According to medical guidelines, I’ve been overweight my entire life. Mind you — I’ve also been on a million diets, I’ve had periods where I ran 5K every morning and biked 25K to work three times a week, and counted calories as to not go over 1600 kcal a day. The point still remains: according to medical standards, I’ve been overweight my entire life.

It’s never particularly easy, even when I know I don’t have it as difficult as most – I am “at least on the thin side of fat”, as a particularly horrid human being once told me. Still, the truth is most of today’s stores don’t cater to my body (and many, many others), and I still have to get dressed (preferably, in a way that suits my taste / job / family / places I have to go out to / etc.). Granted, this was much more of an issue pre-quarantine — but still. For many years, I relied on my own travels and friends & family ventures to the US or Europe to acquire certain mythical items, essentially, jeans that fit me. 

But times, they are a-changing! Nowadays, clothes (and entire brands) that fit larger bodies are, while not super common, at least available! Here’s a list of a few of my favorite small Argy brands (all of whom are shipping during quarantine!) that are sure to fit more than just the classic S-M-L and keep you looking hawt. If you have any of your own to add… hit us up! 

Polyester Shop

Baby, are you tired of high waisted blue jeans? Then join me at Polyester Shop, the wonderful world of colorful tartan. From yellow to black, from deep green to vibrant purple, all the hues of the rainbow are at your disposal in the shape of skirts and pants that fit up to a size XXXL (130 cm hips, 100 cm waist).  

Current fave: these pants, and btw my birthday is December 4 in case you were wondering.

Syes Moda

When I started getting into the beautiful world of brands with bigger size guides, Syes Moda was one of the first I found. They have just a bit of everything, including going out clothes (some transparencies, some sequins, some glittery gold), really nice pants, and beautiful shirts. Check out their size guide here.

Current fave: this colorful shirt, because yeah, I’m a Palermo hipster #SueMe.

Giacari Warehouse

This is definitely one of my faves. Not only are their clothes beautiful, but they use their own illustrated fabric which is carefully designed and then used on different pieces – shirts, skirts, jackets, etc. Their clothing is genderless and with a wide variety of sizes (from 1 to 8), and the quality of their materials is truly something else.

Current fave: this body (which I might buy when I’m done with this article)

Limay Denim

The beauty of the ball, Limay Denim doesn’t come to play. While they have a variety of pieces, they focus mostly on jeans (the true figurita difícil of plus size clothing) with spectacular results. Their items are genderless, cater to a variety of sizes (size guide here) and they are sustainably sourced and produced. In addition, they support a fully transparent process that gives decent employment and salaries through local cooperatives to people of lower incomes. Lastly, they stand against Fast Fashion by producing excellent quality items meant to last. I <3 Limay.

Current fave: mom jeans (that don’t fit me like cigarette pants!! what???)

Ziggy Indumentaria

The glorious human being behind Ziggy Indumentaria is Angela, and she’s not only the designer but also the seamstress, the person in charge of shipping, and the kind soul behind all her answers on social media. Her clothes are beautiful, incredibly well sewn, of great quality, and since she creates each item after the order is placed, she takes the time to ask you about your measurements to ensure they will fit perfectly. If we had all day I’d continue gushing about her, but yeah, I’ll shut up now.

Current fave: this pair of pants (bonus: size guide on the second pic!)

Style Tiro Alto

Isn’t one of the most wonderful things of not being “the proper weight” having *complete strangers* comment on your health and how you should exercise more? I know I sure love it, so much they make me want to run (look! exercise!) in the opposite direction, something that’s a lot easier to do when wearing the beautiful sports clothes of Style Tiro Alto.

Current fave: This beautiful and colorful buzo (L)

Lore Lopez Indumentaria

I always struggle with finding nice dresses that fit my figure instead of just looking like I’m wearing a poncho, but this is it – Lore Lopez brings some beautiful pin up girl vibes and some sexiness to the playing field. You can find her size guide here, with sizes from S to XXXL. 

Current fave: everything, but especially, this dress.

Pimienta Intimates

As a piece of clothing, I feel like bodysuits really bring the best of all worlds – I guess a childhood of low-rider jeans and short shirts left me forever traumatized about freezing my midriff. And nobody does them better than Pimienta Intimates! They have a variety of lingerie-style pieces that, if you’re brave enough, can also be worn as a going-out top, and some less lacy options that 100% can pass for a tucked-in shirt. 

Current fave: this amazingly gorgeous body

Omnia Lencería

I actually had to do a bit of research before stumbling with Omnia Lenceria and the beautiful and generous Sol Cardiello. I was looking for super high waisted panties, so, like, covering my navel, (something that isn’t that easy to find in the plus-sized world), and found myself falling in love with Sol’s take on lingerie. Also, the clothing is truly confortable, with elastics that actually stretch (instead of diggin into your thighs) and coming in 22 sizes. Twenty-two!

Current fave: this gorgeous bra