Hey there all of you dear music lovers! It’s Eze here again, back with another Virtual Edition of The Setlist. Just like last week, we’ve got loads of festivals coming your way and an extra surprise in celebration of Independence month (both for Argentina and the US). Follow me as we dive into this weeks events, where headphones, coffee/wine and supporting your favorite artists is the name of the game. We are really happy to keep these shows coming. That’s what La La Lista is all about and we ain’t giving up just yet. Bring it ya stupid virus!


Cuarentena x Streaming: 4 days worth of online shows

We all really miss those huge and densely populated festivals, screaming at the top of our lungs, moshing in the pit to the rhythm of all our favorite tunes. Damn, just thinking about it gets me all nostalgic. It may not be the same, but the people from Cuarentena x Streaming have been broadcasting a virtual festival all throughout this week and such a feat couldn’t go unnoticed. There are loads of artists so we sincerely encourage you to give all of them a listen by following this link right here! Also, make sure to support them in any way you can: follow them on IG, Spotify, buy their albums, and share their music!

6-11pm |Instagram Live


Untref’s Musica Expandida Online #6

Untref’s Musica Expandida series is always brimming with talent. We’ve featured them before and for good reason, the musicians always broadcast sessions with great audio fidelity. This iteration won’t be the exception. They’ve got music from Van Klimen, Dendronautas, Vermillion and more! What ties all of these artists together is how they push the envelope in terms of musical experimentation. What’s also great about this ciclo is that you can chip in and support the bands by clicking on the sidebar on their website!

8pm |Their Website


Jazz, Tango & Folklore: A piano performance commemorating Independence Month

If there’s something that connects Argentina and the US together is that both countries love a good BBQ and they also both celebrate their independence in the same month. In light of this, pianist Nicolas Guerschberg has decided to bless us with a piano performance ranging from Jazz all the way back to our Argentine roots of Folklore and Tango. Brought to you by ICANA (Instituto Cultural Argentino Norteamericano)

6:30pm |Youtube Live


Festival Time: Furor Fest!

Every once in a while comes an independent festival that assembles both bands and solo artists in one amazing lineup. This is the case with Furor Fest. Organized by Adrian Ariel Furor and featuring acts such as The Targets, Fervors, Ari Degoas and many, many more! You can catch them on Facebook Live and Youtube Live. We strongly suggest you support all the artists through this link or if you’re more comfortable paying “ticket style” there’s a fixed amount in this link. It’s only $200 and it ALL goes to the artists.

8pm | Facebook Live and Youtube Live

CC Konex’s Aca Estamos: Live reading, talks and music

CC Konex is at it again, bringing us a free festival with the aim of proliferating diversity of voices. They mean this in a very literal way: there will be talks, live poetry, music, and much more. Hosted by Sol Despeinada and featuring performances by Barbi Recanati, Cande Botto, Paula Trama, and Susy Shock. This multidisciplinary festival is bound to be a success. The best part is that though it’s totally FREE, you can collaborate with Frida, an integration center for homeless women.

5pm | Facebook Live and Youtube Live