Another week, another breakdown. Now, wait, that’s too grim. Another week, another iteration of The Setlist. This time, as if it were a theme, we’ve got loads of festivals for you guys. From festivals that celebrate LGBT+ culture to even some debut festivals. We know it’s kinda weird to think of these live shows as REAL live shows, but if you’ve spent any amount of time watching these IG live streams you’ll know that they bring a whole new level of closeness and intimacy with the artists. Banter, words of love, and gratefulness in the comment section. It’s not all gloom and doom and you’ll see for yourself once we dive right into this week’s setlist:


FestivaLGBT+: Ten years since same-sex marriage in Argentina

Marking ten years since the LGBT+ community conquered such an iconic right, it’s clear the lockdown hasn’t stopped anyone from celebrating such an important day in our national history. With artists like Pedro Aznar, Fabiana Cantilo, and Gustavo Santaolalla, the LGBT+ federation has organized a live stream for everybody to enjoy. You’ll also be able to show some support for artists and the institution. It’ll be broadcasted on their FB account, so make sure not to miss it. Link below.

7pm | Facebook Live


Basta de Creatividad: Birthday Festival

A music and art radio show from Radio Emergente, Basta de Creatividad is celebrating its birthday with a list of bands and artists that caught us off guard. With indie icons Las Ligas Menores, El Principe Idiota, and Penny Peligro among many other acts. There will even be a giveaway at the end of the stream, so even more reason for you to tune in and get the word out! It’ll be on their IG account. 

7pm |Instagram Live


Aurora Festival

Alright, it’s clear we’re not having Lollapalooza this year and rightly so; such a massive congregation would mean even MORE social isolation. What we do have is Aurora Festival, a three-day festival featuring artists both local and international. They’ve got Pussy Riot, Black Jagg, and Tessa Violet, to name a few. The festival is only $200 and you’ll get full access to workshops as well as the actual shows. It’ll all be broadcasted from their website, so stay tuned and get your tickets ASAP!

6pm |Their Website

Minicomponente and Catalin Munteanu Livestream 

Thanks to the peeps from Boombox and Fuego Amigo Discos, Minicomponente and Catalin Munteanu will join forces for a live stream unlike any other. Minicomponente with her enormous soundscapes and Catalin with her soft intertwining guitar arpeggios. If you’re into artists that really bring a new sense to the phrase “less is more,” then you’ll be pleased with how this will turn out. We’ve also got a link for you to collaborate with the artists if you wish. I mean, why wouldn’t you?

9pm | Facebook Live

Festival del Once by El Panda Rojo

Faced with the possibility of closing for good, El Panda Rojo, one of the most popular venues in our city, has decided to put together the first edition of Festival del Once. With loads of artists such as Nahuel Briones, Jaz Pimentel, and Tomas Porcelli, this show is partly aimed at helping artists and El Panda Rojo stay afloat in these trying times. The ticket cost is $0, but of course you can choose to pay a higher amount and, frankly, you should. It’s bound to be a great festival, so hit them up and get your tickets!

9pm |Their Website