Another week goes by, and although we are going back to that dreaded phase one in Buenos Aires, that hasn’t stopped us from spotting some of the best live music events for you. As always, you’ll be able to enjoy these performances from the comfort of your own home with a bottle of your poison of choice and perhaps some candles. Wait, this is starting to look like some cheesy 90s movie’s romantic scene. Back on track, we’ve got loads of events where you’ll play an integral part: we’ve added links for you to support your favorite artists in any way you can. So let’s dive right in:


Thanks to Instituto de Artes UNSAM, a live session fronted by resident musicians from the Expanded Music postgraduate degree makes its way as our first event of the week. What’s absolutely brilliant about these series of musicians is how far they take music’s textures and timbres. You can catch them all together in one place on a dedicated website right here. You’ll also be able to collaborate with the artists on the very same website.

8pm | Musica Expandida


Casa Brandon Presents: Boca de Buzón Live Show Round Two

After a successful first run, Boca de Buzón, the duo created by Paula Maffia and Mana Bugallo, make an elegant return to THE Casa Brandon just in time for pride month, of all times. After giving that tan bourbon glass a swig and hearing a few howling tunes from these two singer-songwriter beasts, you’ll be inebriated in more ways than one! Of course, you can get your tickets through their QR code right here!

9pm |Instagram Live


Encuentro en el Streaming: Maia Koenig

Circuit bender, composer, performer, and member of the feminist noise collective Feminoise, Maia Koenig will be participating in Espacio Roseti’s IG series Encuentro en El Streaming. From making music with an old Nintendo console to showing up at Mutek Argentina, Maia has been making music for almost fifteen years, innovating every step of the way. You’ll want to save the date. However, in order for the event to happen, you, the audience, must help out the producers here! It would be a great time to put your money where your mouth is.

8pm |Instagram Live


Sesiones Xirgu: Melanie Williams

With an outstanding debut record, Melanie Williams has been making waves all throughout 2019, especially given her work with supergroups such as Ruiseñora, session player gigs with Marilina Bertoldi, and even Barbi Recanati. This time, Melanie Williams will be showing some stuff from her debut and some pearls and snippets of possible new singles on Xirgu’s ciclo Sesiones Xirgu. If you’re into chorus-drenched funky and at times proggy songs, you’re in for a treat with this one. 

6pm |Instagram Live