Another week, another brand new set of artists, interviews, and even some kinky stuff for all of you live music partakers. We hope you’ve got your eyes and ears ready, ’cause this week we’ll let you in on some music industry production secrets, a handful of live shows featuring wacky rock acts, some old-school cumbia, and even a surprise from Casa Brandon that’ll surely spice up your night. I’m really pumped for this week, so I’ll stop yappin’ and get this booty clappin’. It’s The Setlist:

Wednesday 17

Hay Otra Data, Hay Otra Mirada: Natalia Perelman talks music production and engineering with Outra

Yep, the peeps from Outra are back at it again with a brand new iteration of their running series of interviews with women from the music industry. This time, they’ll chat with Natalia Perelman, a notorious music producer who’s worked with loads of artists of the mainstream (and underground) music scene, such as Abel Pintos and Hilda Lizarazu. As always, the ciclo will be hosted by Mica Hourbeigt. If you want to know about what goes into crafting some of our local bangers, then head to Outra’s IG live!

5pm |Instagram Live

Thursday 18

Alan Sutton y Las Criaturitas De La Ansiedad  Live Instagram Show 

Crazy, weird, and off the wall. Those are just a few words that could be used to describe Alan Sutton‘s music. With themes about dealing with the way we live our lives so fast and our dependency on stress-reducing drugs, the songs off his latest album have a sort of playful and lighthearted tone. Alan will be hosting a two-hour (!) live show where he’ll be playing some tunes and answering questions about his upcoming record. Where? His IG account, of course!

8pm |Instagram Live

Kumbia Queers on Niceto’s Interview series: Bipartito

Sometimes finding a silver lining in all of this COVID nightmare just means shaking our butts to some old-school cumbia. That’s what the people from Kumbia Queers bring to the table – and man, do they know what’s up! Just as with the ciclo Indi(E)screto, Bipartito is a series of interviews with artists from the local music scene, and this time it’s cumbia time! You can tune in on Niceto’s IG account right here.

7pm | Instagram 

Friday 19

El Cuerpo Expresivo: A live poetry event featuring music from Benito Cerati

Ain’t it hard to keep libido up and running in such weird and uncertain times? I mean, even if you’re living with a partner who’d be down for, it’s always good to have some inspiration, right? From Casa Brandon, one of the most important LGBTQ+ artistic hubs, comes an erotic poetry reading show. There will be music from Benito Cerati to set the scene for one hell of a night! For the record, no – this is not an excuse to act all horny for you, reader. Get your mind out of the gutter!  

9pm |Instagram Live

Saturday 20

Reggae is in the house! La Bomba del Ghetto Live

Long-running reggae band La Bomba del Ghetto is not about to stop spreading those feel-good vibes ’round, even if it means doing it remotely! Thanks to Ticket Hoy, you can support the artists and watch their show on their streaming platform. I don’t condone use of the devil’s lettuce, but this time I’ll make an exception, that’s all I’ll say. 

11pm |Ticket Hoy| $100