It is once again Wednesday, my dudes, and that means it’s time for another edition of our weekly live music agenda, or as we like to call it, The Setlist. But this week is no ordinary week. (I mean, does anyone know what an ordinary week is like any more?) This week is a very special week, a very special week indeed. A week of birth. Birth? Yes, not like in a mammalian or avian sense with eggshells cracking or umbilical cords breaking, but rather, the birth of a concept, a feeling, a tidal wave of cool…that’s right, I’m talking about the Buenos Aires based arts and culture magazine La La Lista. Yes, the one you are reading right now, that has been bringing you quality content and many jokes of which the quality is debatable. Happy 2nd birthday(/week) to us! 

Wednesday 10

Indi(e)screto Presents: Mariano Di Cesare

The online ciclo Indi(e)screto is brought to us by Niceto and Yumber Vera Rojas, the guy behind the Indie Fuertes events (a staple of the pre-Covid Buenos Aires underground music scene). Just like Indie Fuertes, Indi(e)screto seeks to support and give visibility to emerging artists in the Argentinian scene. This edition will feature Mariano Di Cesare (of Mi Amigo Invencible and El Principe Idiota).

7pm | Instagram @indie.fuertes

Thursday 11

Arbol Vivo Presents: Monotoro

This Thursday you can tune into this virtual event hosted by La Casa del Árbol, and catch Monotoro playing a live set from the comfort of their own home. This event represents part of an effort by the venue, in collaboration with Music Al Revés and Indie Club Argentina, to survive the economic effects of the quarantine. They will be accepting donations for the venue and the artists through this website.

8:30pm | Instagram @_lacasadelarbol_ | link to donate

Saturday 13

Arbol Vivo Presents: Las Luchas

Come pay a visit to the home of Las Luchas (formerly known as Los Aullidos), the rock noise folk group in the process of getting to know their new identity after an inconvenient yet necessary name change. This is another live show in the series Arbol Vivo, brought to us by La Casa del Arbol, just trying to stay afloat in these strange times.

5pm | Instagram @_lacasadelarbol_ | link to donate

Casa del Puente Discos Presents: El Club Audiovisual

El Club Audiovisual, the band that makes pop songs full of noisy guitars (and who used to rehearse at my house!), is playing live on the internet this Saturday, hosted by Casa del Puente Records. The record label is hosting livestream music events every Saturday during the month of June.

8pm | Instagram @Casadelpuentediscos

Sunday 14

Sofia Viola Pour La Galerie

Sofia Viola, the charming world-renowned bolero-inspired singer-songwriter (sorry if that’s too many compound adjectives) from Lanús, is hosting her own live show on her YouTube channel, every Sunday at 1pm. Tune in for sweet happy tunes and passion.

1pm | Sofia Viola’s YouTube Channel