Hey there, you beautiful human beings! I know, I know, you’re probably tired of me talking about the pandemic. To be honest, I’m tired of it too. If there’s anything I can say to soothe your soul it’s that this week we’ve got loads of live performances full of GREAT artists showcasing their talent for you. We’ve also included links to support them monetarily because we know that this whole outbreak business is hitting our fellow artists pretty hard. So it would be amazing not only to enjoy these shows, but also to help them stay afloat so that when all of this is over, they’ll continue to do what they do best: bring joy to our hearts.

Without further ado, here we go:


Ibiza Pareo Live Set presented by Skyy Vodka and Camping BA

Electronic pop duo Ibiza Pareo is a much-needed balm in these dire times. If you haven’t heard their music this is the perfect time to move your booty the sound of their addictive beats and groovy tunes. Now that they’ve teamed up with Skyy Vodka and Camping BA, you’ll get to see them play a set from the comfort of your home by just entering Skyy Vodka’s homepage this Wednesday! Oh, COMPLETELY FREE, by the way.

10pm | Skyy Vodka’s Website

Hay Otra Data, Hay Otra Mirada: Lucy Patané talks music production with Outra

What could we say about Lucy Patané that we haven’t already? Selected as one of our favorite artists of 2019 and with an outstanding debut album, Lucy has really made a name for herself in the local scene. It’s no surprise that the people from Outra would reach out and invite her to talk about music and her process of finding a sonic identity on their IG account and with Mica Hourbeigt as the host. This is just one of many talks Outra will be hosting, so make sure to follow them for more of these! 

5pm |Instagram Live


Arbol Vivo Live Shows: Marton Marton

As we have said before, La Casa Del Arbol is very much alive and kicking! As part of their series of IG Live shows called Arbol Vivo, they’re bringing some of the most prominent figures in underground music culture to the front in a handful of live broadcasts from their account. This time it’s Marton Marton‘s turn, with will surely be something to behold – especially since his latest release was super spacy and trippy! You can catch him this Thursday, so don’t you miss it!

8:30pm |Instagram Live

Erizo Media Present: Riel Live

Fellow independent media outlet Erizo Media have put together what they call a Festivalito, which we think is more of a Festivalote, to be honest! What’s great about this festival is that indie rock duo Riel will be one of the many bands that will be playing and you’ll be able to donate some of your hard-earned pesos to the band. This is a great opportunity to support your favorite artists who’ve been dealt a horrible hand due to the outbreak. All you have to do is visit Erizo Media’s website. The live stream will be hosted there. 

6pm |Their Website


Casa Brandon Presents: Boca de Buzón Live Show

Boca de Buzón, the performative duo created by Paula Maffia and Mana Bugallo, is making its triumphant return in virtual format and thanks to the people from Casa Brandon who’ve been supporting the LGBT+ artistic community for years and years! Again, you can support the artists and the venue through the QR code provided here!

8:30pm |Instagram Live


Arbol Vivo Live Shows: Maria Pien

A prominent figure in the independent music scene, Maria Pien is not only known for their emotionally charged records but also for her work in supergroups such as Ruiseñora. She’ll be offering a Live Instagram performance in the context of the Arbol Vivo live shows. There’s a plethora of records and songs we could share from her vast work. Here’s just one of them! Remember to check out La Casa del Arbol and support your local musicians!

5pm |Instagram Live