It’s Wednesday, my dudes! You know what that means? It means nothing cause you’ve already abandoned the concept of time! Don’t you remember, you silly goose? Seriously though, everybody here at the official La La Lista bunker is wishing you, dear reader, the best of moods for this seemingly endless social isolation period. Precisely because we love you so much is that we’ve brought you our weekly selection of live broadcasts for you to have some fun, listen to good music and try to grasp a sense of normality through these uncertain times. Festivals, interviews, and even DJ sets! You name it, La La Lista’s got it… Wait, not COVID though! Let me rephrase that… Here are our COVID-free events for the week:


Mujercitas Terror’s drummer, Federico Losa plays an acoustic set

Apart from laying some heavy and tight beats for Mujercitas Terror, Federico Losa is also an avid songwriter. His style has a rather folky edge and if you’re interested in hearing some songs off his solo catalog, then this Wednesday’s Live IG session is something that you’ll want to look into. He’ll broadcast from his personal account, so go and show some love!

8pm |  Instagram Live|

Day One of Liga Federal Festival: Bridging the gap in quarantine times

Organized by Carlos Pulidori, Liga Federal is a series of online meetings where musicians from all over the globe get together to play songs and converse about a wide array of topics pertaining to music and connection between musicians, audiences, and people in general. This time we are in luck: the festival will last three whole days with loads of artists such as BILOBA, ORMA and Juanma Barrios, among many others.

7:30pm |  Instagram Live|


Barda plays a DJ set for SIMS and Selina

Teaming up with Selina and SIMS Festival comes DJ musician Barda. Cecilia Gerbhard is her name and with native instrumentation and subtle techno sensibilities, she’ll be playing a unique set on Instagram. We strongly recommend you get a taste of her work before you do anything. That video above is just one of her many collaborations where she crafts loads of hypnotic tracks both in a live and studio setting. 

7:30pm |Instagram Live

Day Two of Liga Federal Festival: Bridging the gap in quarantine times

The second day of Liga Federal comes with a nice little combo of artists such as Yamile Baidon and organizer Carlos Pulidori. Remember that these shows are part of interviews which will undoubtedly enrich the experience. It’s true that sometimes letting things be and not explaining adds to the mystery. But hey, when was the last time you spoke to a human? Yeah, I thought so. As always, everything will be broadcasted through IG.

7:30pm |  Instagram Live|


Day Three of Liga Federal Festival: Bridging the gap in quarantine times

The last day of Liga Federal finishes off strong with the first batch of artists from Tucuman and a couple of sets with artists from Bogotá and Madrid. Taking the international aspect of the festival to a whole new level. Martin García and Nancy Pedro are two of the featured musicians.

7:30pm |  Instagram Live|


Arbol Vivo: La Casa Del Arbol’s weekly live sets

That’s right, La Casa Del Arbol ain’t about to give up anytime soon. Presented by Pedro Henestroza and produced by La Tempestad comes Arbol Vivo, a series of weekly live sets broadcasted from La Casa Del Arbol’s Instagram account. The sets will include a short interview and a few songs in acoustic and not-so-acoustic style. Artists from all over the indie spectrum will show up and we are happy to say that the first artist we’ll feature is Santiago Adano with his soft and at times melancholic indie tunes. Follow them on Insta for more info!  

7pm |  Instagram Live|