Well, hello there fellow live music enthusiast… How’s that cuarentena going? Have you made some sourdough bread? Have you signed up for a million online courses thinking that you’d have enough time to do them all? Has a pasta commercial made you cry? Am I being weirdly specific leading you to believe that I’m actually just venting instead of introducing the return of The Setlist? Well, you’re right.

The Setlist is back but this time it’s virtual, bebis! We know that times are tough and we really don’t know when we’ll be jumping and chanting along with all of you at our favorite music venue. But we’re still here and ready to we are introducing The Setlist: Virtual Edition. A combination of live IG performances, Youtube Livestreams, and festivals in a virtual format. Did we mention it’s V I R T U A L ? Anyway enough of my shenanigans here we go:


Juana Molina Live Set presented by Skyy Vodka and Camping BA

We are kicking off our virtual shows with the emblematic, experimental, and eclectic Juana Molina. After the success of her Friggatriscaidecafobia live session (which was supposed to be a live and in-person show) and in the light of the current events, Juana has teamed-up with Skyy Vodka and Camping BA to debut as the first artist in a series of Livestream shows to come in the following weeks: Conecta Skyy. Just in case Juana’s swooning and swelling soundscapes are not enough to make you fall into a drunken stupor, Sabrina Traverso will be the selected barmaid to create a cocktail aptly named Rara to accompany the live show. 

10pm | Youtube | Instagram Live| Skyy Vodka’s Website

Le Blanc frontman, Alvaro Salvador, Live!

If soulful and crooning vocals are up your alley then you’ll wanna catch Alvaro Salvador‘s set tonite! Hailing from the northernmost area of the Buenos Aires conurbano, Alvaro and his band Le Blanc bring some of soul’s most raw and emotional features to the table with soaring falsettos and vocal thrills that have given us the chills time and time again. You can catch Alvaro on his personal IG account. And make sure to give Intangible a listen up there! An instant classic.

11pm |Instagram Live


Illustration by: Paola Bocca

Ánima Fest presented by Ánima Prensa 

A brand new virtual festival on the horizon? La La Lista is on it like a cop on a barbijo-less pedestrian! Produced by Ánima Prensa with the help of Ivan Salo, Ánima Fest is a 3-day festival featuring 26 artists from Argentina and all over the globe. The format will have you dexterously jumping from personal IG account to personal IG account just like you would, running from stage to stage at a regular ol’ festival. On the first day, we’ve got artists like Palo Pandolfo, Marina Izu, and El Mar. Make sure to drop by and leave a comment or two! You’re covered for 3 whole days so that’s plenty of live shows for ya! Here’s a playlist with all the featured artist!

Thursday 7, Friday 8 and Saturday 9 starting at 5:30pm | Instagram Live


Ánima Fest Day 2: International Artists

The second day of Anima Fest comes in hot with a little tweak in the formula. This time, they’ll be giving artists from all over the Americas (and even Europe) a chance under the spotlight. We’ve got quite an interesting array of bands and solo artists. EVAYA, from Portugal, Paulina Parga from Mexico, and Martin Rosito from Uruguay are just a few of the artists featured on day 2 of this brand new festival. The format is exactly the same: Personal IG accounts and the lineup is right here:

IDI(E)SCRETO: Underground Artists Spotlights by Indie Fuertes

With Yumber Vera Rojas, curator and creator of the Indie Fuertes shows, comes INDI(E)SCRETO, a series of live artist interviews where up-and-coming musicians and bands share some info on their work and perhaps a chord or two! This week, we’ve decided to put our eye con Friday’s interview with Luisa Almaguer. Solemn yet sordid vocals that remind us of ARCA (huge Bjork collaborator) and darkwave-tinged instrumentation are just a few ways in which you could describe Luisa’s music. Hailing from Mexico, her songs are filled with angular poetry and glitchy effects that are hugely innovative, to say the least. You can catch her spilling the deets on her newest releases right here on Friday! 

7pm | Instagram Live


Ánima Fest Day 3: Back to Local

Just like the title says, day 3 of the Anima Fest will go back to day 1 format, featuring local bands and artists. We’re particularly curious about how some of these artists will be able to play stripped-down versions of songs like the ones Mantra Gris make. Of course, mellower artists such as the tender Caro Villani will surely have an easier time just like reggae bannerman, Matias Namd. Just like we’ve said before, all extra info can be found here

Quilmes Rock 2020: Virtual Edition

One of the longest-running festivals in the history of live music in Argentina is hosting its first-ever virtual edition in a two-day frenzy brimming with artists and bands. This time, its aim is to gather donations from virtual audience members to help and aid those in need. You can donate some money for the musicians and techs and/or help and raise money for food bolsones. This edition will host some of the most prominent figures of the scene, including Paula Maffia, Conociendo Rusia, Marilina Bertoldi, and many many more! You can catch their live stream on their Youtube channel. Check our link right here!

Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 at 6pm | Youtube Livestream