If, like me, you enjoy experimenting with different crafts and can’t get on board with practicing the frog pose or learning Farsi, here at La La Lista we’ve compiled some fun, creative, DIY ways of making your very own artistic interventions with stuff you have at hand (speaking of which, don’t forget to wash!).

Ready to redecorate an old tablecloth you’ll probably hide as soon as relatives come visit? Itching to create a painting to cover up that crack on the wall? Let’s get on with it!

Nail Polish Marbling, by MollieMakes

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Nail polish can be used to create beautiful dreamy marble patterns on several surfaces. Although I’ve chosen a white ceramic mug, it can be used on glass, wood, metal, and cardboard– basically any non-slick surface. (Nonetheless, we suggest you always try it on a small surface first just to be sure.)

What you’ll need:

  • Water
  • Nail polish*
  • White ceramic mug/plate (whatever you’d like to marble)
  • A recipient
  • A Q-tip/skewer
  • Paper towel

*We know somewhere in your home there is a bottle of nail polish you bought in 2014 waiting for its time to shine.

1. Start by filling your recipient (a plastic tray is just fine!) with warm water.
2. Add some nail polish and let it scatter. Use a Q-tip (or anything you don’t mind getting damaged) to spread the polish. If you’d like to take the experiment further, add more colors to the mix.
3. Dip the mug in the water.
4. Get your mug off the water and use nail polish remover to get rid of any unwanted spots. Dry your mug using a paper towel.
5. Done! Let it sit (preferably overnight).

FYI: Quality polishes will last longer, so durability will partly depend on it. You can also extend its longevity using a clear nail polish coat. Oh and, hand wash is your best ally (no pun intended).

Cork Pencil Holder

Photo Credit: Pinterest

By now, chances are you’ve chugged (at least) ten bottles of wine since the start of Quarantine. If you plan to keep moving down this path, don’t dispose of those corks! Instead, use them to build your own pencil holder– the perfect home office accesory.

What you’ll need:

  • Bottle corks
  • Cardboard
  • Glue (UHU, Poxipol, Unipox)
  • A cutter
  • A pencil
  • A ruler

1. Determine the size of your soon-to-be pencil holder. You can use three or four horizontally stacked corks for height and two or three vertically stacked corks for width, it’s up to you!
2. Make four cork colums by gluing two corks (one on top of the other) from their ends.
3. Now stack four corks horizontally. Make sure to glue them correctly. Repeat the process and create three more piles.
4. Although not a must, you can also add a base. Simply grab a piece of cardboard and cut a square shape using a pencil, a ruler, and of course, your cutter. Be careful! Also, make sure to place something beneath the cardboard so as not to scratch the table/floor.
5. Once all parts of our holder are ready, gather them together (as shown in the picture above).
6. Voilà. That’s it! Enjoy your new pencil holder and brag about it on your Monday Zoom meeting.

FYI: You can also create your own cork vases with this nice tutorial by Haeley. Although the process is slightly different, the concept is the same.

Cork Bath Mat (is cork the new velvet?) by Sustain My Craft

Photo Credit: All In Cork

What does our bath mat have in common with a weasel? They smell exactly the same. If, by now, your bath mat starts to smell more like the Riachuelo than anything else, it’s time to make one yourself! All you need to do is follow Sonja & Jane‘s easy peasy tutorial. P.S. If you don’t have enough wine corks, you can make a small structure and create your own kettle coaster. 

Color Code Your Keys, by It’s Pretty Nice

Photo Credit: WordPress (It’s Pretty Nice)

Tired of wasting an inordinate amount of time struggling to find the right key? Paint the wait away using easy peasy decoration hack.

What you’ll need:

  • Your keys
  • Nail polish / Acrylic / Spray Paint
  • Glitter
  • Whatever else you’d like to add!

1. Decide on which keys you’d like to decorate. 
2. Paint the upper part using nail polish, acrylics pray paint, glitter or whatever painting technique you prefer.
3. Put the finishing touch. Just like the marbling process, you can extend its durability by adding a clear nail polish coat. 
4. Find the complete info here

Magazine/Book Organizer, by Jillee

Photo Credit: Banggood

This is a great hack not only to for keeping books and file folders/books/magazines perfectly organized and aligned, but also to recycle! That’s right. What will you need? A cereal box plus whatever you’d like to decorate your box with (I’m guessing Quarantine times calls for the old school acrylics/ glue and glitter duo).

What you’ll need:

  • One or two cereal boxes
  • A cutter/pair of scissors
  • A ruler
  • Decorative tapes or paper

1. Get one or two cereal boxes (make sure they’ve the same size). Although you can use one box only, two will give your organizer more stability (and space).
2. Grab a pencil and a ruler and mark the height you want for your organizer. This bit can be a tad hard to do relying on (my) written instructions only, so here’s a more useful explanation for you to take a look at. (P.S. calling all DIY lovers– check Jillee‘s site, a.k.a. the queen of all things handmade.)
3. Time to decorate your organizer! Notice Jillee used Washi tapes, but you can use whatever you’ve at hand!

FYI: Another way of making your own organizer is by recycling empty laundry detergent bottles. Once you clean up and shape your detergent container, you can paint or otherwise decorate it to match your existing decor. Find out more on how to make brand new plastic organizers here.  

Knitted Coasters, by Wink

Photo Credit: Pexels (Retha Ferguson)

No matter how many coasters you have, there always seems to be one (or five) missing. Knit yourself out of this situation by making your own pieces fast and easily! (I take for granted your knitting abilities are those of a blanket-knitter -bordering on obsession- grandmother).

What you’ll need:

  • Yarn in a main and a contrast color
  • Crochet Hooks
  • A darning needle
  • A pair of scissors

1. Make sure you’ve got the yarn needed. You can use as many colors as you want but I’d suggest using two (a main and a contrast color). You can use five (if you do have them yarns with you) and aim to create an ombre effect. Moreover, make sure you use the correct hook size based on your yarn.
2. Follow this very useful tutorial by its creator, Wink.

Mosaic Anything, by Upmade

Photo Credit: Nobbot

Got a handful of CDs and DVDs that make you cringe? Transform them into a decorative mosaic following this tutorial! The good thing about this DIY is you can cover up basically any object you want! A mirror, a picture portrait, a table, a canvas, the list goes on. Just be careful and make sure you leave no sharp edges!