Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires. But in times like these we’re not leaving the house. Please don’t either! This week Eva the voice behind Evil Eats has curated our weekly culinary list. Instead of where to go, we’ve got you covered on where to order from. Make sure you check out Evil Eats for another account that’ll bring you joy in times of quarantine-ing. 

Well, I’m not gonna lie to you. Trying to come up with content for this week’s Moveable Feasts has been challenging– to say the least. Current circumstances (national quarantine, global pandemic, the end of the world, and all that) is making us adapt and move from our regular gastro-agenda to a list of available delivery services (actually, technically, food delivery still qualifies as a “moveable” feast, right?).

The delivery thing is also controversial. Even though food providers are entitled to continue working within the limitations of the government’s restrictions; half of the restaurants and businesses decided to close down completely to protect employees and customers. The other half is trying to find a way to survive amidst the chaos.

This is not meant as an encouragement to do anything. We’re on a mission: keeping you entertained and informed, while also supporting our gastro-buddies. Your mission is to STAY SAFE and make every decision with absolute responsibility. 

Remember: we’re all doing the best we can in these strange times…

Thanks for reading,



Thursday, Our Daily Bread

Bakeries are not affected by quarantine restrictions and some of the best bakeries in town are taking one for the team to put amazing, warm bread on our table. Knock yourself out with any of these:

Atelier Fuerza (F2)

Open: Tuesday to Saturday from 10am | Delgado 1461 | Colegiales 

Salvaje Bakery

Open: Tuesday to Sunday 9-21 | Dorrego 1829 | Palermo Hollywood 


Open: Tuesday to Saturday from 10am | Callao 2034 | Recoleta  


Friday, or Should I Say Fry-day?

Don’t let the word “weekend” lose all its meaning. You can still indulge in some guilty pleasures: a tasty milanesa from Los Orientales, artisanal pizza from De Rosa (Palermo Hollywood), Tequeños -Venezuelan cheese fingers- from Tequepops


Saturday, Wine Not?

If you’re out of stock and you don’t wish to put yourself at risk by going out the street just for some booze, you can order some great wines from Almacen Otamendi (Caballito) and Compay (online store). If you’re more of a beer person, check out LPP who is still open for business.


Sunday Brunch is Not Dead

Peter, an expat chef from Brooklyn, sent his whole team home and decided to keep his coffee shop Americano alive, all by himself. So yeah, you can order pancakes, a yogurt bowl, a grilled cheese sandwich or even the recently trendy shakshuka; wherever you need to lift your spirit! Whatsapp: 1159042835 / 10-19


Meatless Monday

Let your body rest with a veggie-filled Monday. La Esquina de Las Flores (Palermo Soho) offers affordable veggie lunches and also everything you need to cook a wholesome, healthy meal at home (all types of grains, flours, etc). Bio (Palermo Soho) the first certified organic restaurant in Argentina, is also offering a delivery menu. If you want to go more international, try Colombian arepas from La Arepería. We also support cooking at home. Order your vegetables from Sueño Verde.


Meat-full Tuesday

Meat eaters can have their way too with pastrami specialties from Sí, Pastrón (Palermo) or Dry Age Beef from Tomahawk. Alternatively, you can  cook your own meat at home (and those lucky parrilla-owners may even have their own private asados). Order meat from any of these butcher shops offering delivery:

Ummah Halal / WhatsApp: 1533751159 / Monday to Friday 8:30-20:30, Saturday 9-18:30

Corte / Whatsapp 1125924708 / Monday 12-21 / Tuesday to Saturday 9-21 / Sunday 9-17


Wednesday: It’s Like You Cooked it Yourself!

Rotiserías are here for you with home-cooked meals that you didn’t cook at home. Favorites (that are working right now) include Vinotinto and Falta la Palta. Not a rotisería, but still amazing food that feels like grandma cooked it (given that grandma was a very creative chef with signature dishes): Catalino in Colegiales.

All these and many more options can be found at this list that Kevin is updating every day.