(Jo) March is here and at La La Lista we’re all about celebrating the not so little women in the art field. With March 8th (a.k.a. International Women’s Day) only a few days away, we wanted to dedicate this month to some of our favorite female artists from Argentina, some of which often go unnoticed in the ever-scrolling Instagram void. Ready? Off we go!

Irina Werning

Artist Credit: Irina Werning

Born in Buenos Aires, Irina Werning is best known for her photographic series Back to the Future, where she recreates modern-day childhood pictures of strangers and long-time friends, casting them in the exact same postures and locations. Although she isn’t much active on social media lately, you can still follow her on her Instagram account, because her old stuff is well worth a scroll.

P.S. If you like what you see, don’t miss out on Dear Long Hair either, a project portraying girls and women with long hair in rural areas around the world.

Paula Duró

Artist Credit: Paula Duró

If you’re into cosmic vibes, Pre-Hispanic cultures, and female representation, take a look at Paula Duro‘s hypnotic collection of images. Known in the local art scene for a while now, Paula has found her personal stamp through vibrant neon colors and gradients that make her paintings, murals and sculptures, stand out. Find out more about her psychedelic works here.

Valeria Feliu

Artist Credit: Valeria Feliú

Born in Buenos Aires in 1970, Valeria Feliu‘s works on powerful contemporary oil portraits, displaying perfectly smooth female faces and intricate patterns, reminiscent of Gustav Klimt’s paintings. For more of her striking pieces check her website out here.

Kirie Art

Artist Credit: Kirie

Gaby, better known as “Kirie Art” on Instagram, practices the nitpicking art of paper-cutting through the techniques of cut-apart and layered paper, to create stunning, exceedingly intricate works of art that would most likely match your Norwegian sideboard. Made with extreme caution and delicacy, her works are largely based on nature’s complex shapes and morphologies.

Mariela Ajras

Artist Credit: Mariela Ajras

If you’re one of those humans who like to roam the streets in search of dazzling, jaw-dropping murals, have a peek at Mariela’s Ajras‘ work. Her murals are all over the city. A representative of the female artists’ movement in South America, Mariela’s murals tackle social issues, greatly influenced by female empowerment and the sense of community. See more of her work on her site.

Sofía Lizzoli

Artist Credit: Sofía Lizzoli

I can’t put my finger on how I came across Sofía Lizzoli‘s Instagram (I was probably searching for 35mm pictures under the hashtag, well, #35mm) but I do remember following her in a heartbeat. Her everyday portraits of people and urban landscapes in the prime golden hour, make me wanna live inside her pictures, or start wearing a shirt with the phrase “Written and directed by Sofía Lizzoli.” If you too are intrigued and want to see more of her work, you can do so here.

Hilen Godoy

Artist Credit: Hilen Godoy

Hilen Godoy is a young illustrator from Rosario, Santa Fe. Known partly for her color palettes of pink, yellow, and blue, Hilen likes to sketch the little coffee stores, grocery stores, and empty streets of her hometown. Her portraits of her friends and strangers bring beauty to the everyday scenarios we sometimes forget to cherish.

Paula Marcantoni

Artist Credit: Paula Marcantoni

I met Paula in a workshop held by Eduardo Stupía about a year ago and immediately fell in love with her minuscule, elaborated nature portraits. Straight out of La Plata, Paula Marcantoni is an illustrator who specializes in botanical illustrations. Passionate about all things nature, Paula recreates meticulous, small sketches of plants, insects, and minerals. As a matter of fact, she could draw an entire ecosystem out of my balcony if she wanted to. Plot twist: My balcony would be nowhere to be found. That’s how talented she is.

Piba Collage

Artist Credit: Piba

Simply known as “Piba” this Argentinian artist creates gorgeous futuristic/pop-like/spacial collages for her followers to see. If you like space, blues and pink palettes, and tigers (yes), then you’ll certainly love what Piba has in store.

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