Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires. This week the man behind Comer Es La Cuestion, Kevin Daniel, has curated our weekly list of where to go. Follow his account for more food recs than your heart could desire! 

Welcome to my first weekly culinary agenda. This week is special because 2020 is a leap-year. Fun fact, the last 29th of February I was married. Who cares? Anyways… your wallets better be full, because food is everywhere and it isn’t free. Make up your mind and choose wisely. Don’t forget: food is fuel and March is coming.

THU 27.02

Nero Cocina Takes Salú’s Kitchen

 Salú is the first cooking club in the city and every week has a few culinary events. You learn and you eat, all for the same price. Nero Cocina is a meat specialist, not only regarding flavor, but also in terms of the presentation of the dishes. I promise you that you’ll never try a steak like this anywhere else. Make your reservation.

19:30 hrs | Salú Club de Mesa y Cocina | Nicaragua 4880 | Palermo

FRI 28.02

Dinner at the Club

 The well known chef Fernando Mayoral opens the doors of his club to prepare a dinner that you won’t forget. With a six-course menu and a pairing of Catena Wines, your palate will be partying. Flavors, textures and unusual combinations will pass in front of your eyes. Call for reservations.

 20:30 | Club de Cocina de Fernando Mayoral | Acevedo 830 | Villa Crespo


SAT 29.02

Mexico and Korea Have Never Been So Close

Our friend Kevin Vaughn brings his magic with Masa Makes Tacos to the Asian fusion restaurant known for spicing things up, Kyopo. I don’t know the menu yet, but I’m a huge fan of both. And let me just say they won’t let you down. With this spicy plan there’s no doubt you’ll get a little Saturday Night Fever. 

20:00 hrs | Kyopo | Aranguren 3053 | Flores

 SUN 01.03

 Americano and Ulúa, A Single Heart

Peter Drinan’s new spot is pleased to receive the Ulúa staff, one of the best Mexican restaurants in BA. The menu promises a lot of spicy flavors and a beautiful Latin American brunch. These pop-ups are the events that you must write in permanent marker in your agenda. Do it.

11:00 hrs | Americano | Echeverría 1550 | Belgrano


TUES 03.03


Jack Daniels Tastes Good

I don’t drink alcohol, but not everyone is soft like me. For those of you who drink, Tres Monos Estudio is offering a Jack Daniels tasting with bartender Gustavo Vocke in charge of showing you the ropes. The workshop has limited places, so don’t sleep on this and make sure you text them for a nice alcohol addition to your week. Spots with reservations only.

 18:30 hrs | Tres Monos Estudio | Thames 2101 | Palermo 

Wed 04.03

Vermut con Papas Fritas y Good Show

Maybe you know the quote above, maybe not, but Fernando Trocca’s restaurant Orilla honors the words by the famous Argentine comedian Tato Bores every Wednesday. Tonight, Tato Giovannoni will take over the bar and prepare some version of a Vermut cocktail. Orilla is in charge of the food, a classic triolet with a twist– simple tandem that never fails. 

19:30 hrs | Orilla Restaurant | Montañeses 2585 | Belgrano


Got any cool events you think we’ll love? Is there anything that you’d like to see more of? Don’t hold back! Email us at and let’s talk about food.