Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires

Welcome, children, to another edition of our weekly culinary agenda! Is anybody else feeling burnt out by 2020? I was going to do all the things this year and I’m already exhausted (disappointed, but not surprised). Oh, curse you, past-Nicki, for your sudden yet inevitable betrayal!

But imagine feeling this defeated without having a list of cool activities to get yourself to this weekend. What a horrible idea! Let us think of such a dystopian world no longer and get down to business: 

THU 20.02

Spanish Night at the Sans Souci Palace

Fancy Sans Souci is bringing us what they do best – fancy dinners with fancy wine. Dress up like the one percent and enjoy some of the best cuisine in the world (Spanish cuisine) with some of its star dishes (tortilla). Yes, I am aware I say this about almost every type of food. No, I do not care what you think of me for doing so. DM them to save your spot!

21:00 hrs | Palacio Sans Souci | Paz 705 | Victoria

Gin & Tonic Clinic at Boticario

There was once a young Nicki who drank almost an entire bottle of cheap tequila on a Friday night with her friends. In addition, there was once a young Nicki that came back home puking in a bucket, because, well, she had drank an entire bottle of cheap tequila on a Friday night with her friends. The moral of this story is I’m so glad my teenage years are over. The second moral of this story is, if you’re going to get drunk with something, definitely don’t do it with tequila – gin is a much better option (also, maybe don’t reach the point of puking in a bucket). What you need to get out of this rambling paragraph is that Boticario, one of BA’s best cocktail bars, will be hosting another edition of their Gin & Tonic Clinic. Join ’em and discover the magic of a so simple, yet so full of potential, combination. And please drink responsibly. 

20:00 hrs | Boticario Bar | Honduras 5207 | Palermo

SIDEDISH: American History X at Congo Garden Films

Give me all the movies always! I love how BA is fully embracing the movie theater vibe without the actual movie theater, especially for incredible classics such as American History X. Congo Garden Films (by the way, we reccomend checking out their beautiful garden anytime) will be showing the aforementioned title to the pleasure of its attendees, so make sure you’re one of those by buying your tickets here. By the way, don’t even dream of eating before the showing – you definitely want to check out their menu. 

19:30 hrs | Congo Garden Films| Honduras 5329 | Palermo

FRI 21.02


Big Head Burgers Pop Up at 4 Gatos

Yes, this event is me suggesting you guys go have a burger at a beer joint – Such innovation! Much strange, wow! – but hear me out: burgers and beers are actually amazing… if they’re well done. And you know that’s the case when we’re talking Big Head Burgers, so why not go to enjoy the culinary equivalent of the white shirt/little black dress? You can never go wrong with a burger, dude.

18:00 hrs | Cuatro Gatos Cervecería  | Aguirre 539| Villa Crespo

German Sausage Carnival at Extrawurst Gastschänke

First of all, lol at that name. No, I will never stop laughing at a sentence like “sausage carnival,” and I won’t apologize for not being one day older than I was in preschool. Second, carnivals, sausages, and beers? Now that’s a party. Extrawurst Gastschänke is back again providing us with a myriad of sausages (lol again), and who are we to say no?

12:00 hrs | Extrawurst Gastschänke  | Tres Sargentos 427 | Retiro

Gluten-Free + Vegan Pastry Workshop

Have you ever had the pleasure, nay, the benefit, nay, the blessing of grabbing a cookie (or 17) at French Cookie? If you haven’t then I feel sorry for your sad, grim life, and strongly urge you to correct that mistake right this instant. Depending on what time you’re reading this, I’d say grab a Croque Monsieur too, because they are deee-lish. More than the usual deliciousness is going on this Friday – chef Pierre Rimbaud will be teaching a gluten free + vegan pastry workshop that’s definitely a much healthier take on life in general than my previous recommendation. My suggestion? Well…

19:30 hrs | French Cookie| Honduras 5760 | Palermo

Burger Fest at Parque Centenario – Day 1

Burger fest is back, this time, at Parque Centenario! Enjoy it today (or tomorrow) from 5 PM onwards by tasting literally anything you could ever think of that could go with a patty and two slices of bread. Literally anything. Also, don’t let being a vegan deter you – there’s plenty of options available!

17:00-00:00 hrs | Parque Centenario  | Av. Díaz Vélez 4900 | Caballito

SAT 22.02

Minicakes Pastry Class

Amazing pastry chef and kitchen master, Belu Melamed, is teaching a class on how to create these tiny beauties this Saturday, and while I won’t be in BA to attend, God knows I won’t miss the next one. Yes, information is scarce, but don’t let that deter you from sliding into those DM’s – I promise the end result will be oh so worth it.

Belu Melamed – Pastry Chef  | More info in stories & via DM

SIDEDISH: Viva Vintage at La Confitería

Guess who’s back? Yes, it’s your favorite vintage clothing event at one of your favorite venues! Join La Confitería this Saturday and celebrate Carnaval the way it’s intended – with good music, good food, and playing dress up. Also, let us not forget that while all is good and nice with a four-day weekend, it is also fin de mes, so anything to do that’s also cheap/saves money is definitely up your alley.

17:00-22:00 hrs | La Confitería | Federico Lacroze 2963 | Chacarita

MON 24.02


SIDEDISH: Bomba Festival at CC Konex

Are you even living in Buenos Aires if you’ve never danced at La Bomba del Tiempo? Well, this Monday, get ready for trouble and make it double because La Bomba is kicking Carnival off with their usual and amazing regular show, followed by a night of partying ’til dawn (or like 3 AM – I am old). Will it be great? Yes. Will it be even better than it usually is? Well, as the old saying goes, “If I tell you it’s carnival, fire that squirt gun”* – so yeah, that’s a yes. Get your tickets here

*“Si te digo que es carnaval, vos apretá el pomo” – completely untranslatable and way funnier in Spanish, but hey, I’m writing the article and wanted to use that phrase on carnival weekend, so it is what it is. Move along!

20:00 hrs | Ciudad Cultural Konex | Sarmiento 3131| Abasto

TUE 25.02

Bid Farewell to the 5 Pesos Bill at La Choppería

Another year of inflation, another small bill that moves on to a better life (#RIP2PesosBill #GoneButNotForgotten). But how can we honor the fallen? Well, La Chopperia has taken upon themselves to bid the final adieu to the AR$ 5 bill the only proper way there is: with cheap ass beer. Make your way there sooner rather than later and count yourself among the lucky ones by buying one of the 500 beers at only AR$ 5 each. Bear in mind that the promotion only works if you pay for your beer *only* with the five pesos bill – however, considering all of us are right now playing hot potato with them, that really sounds like the opposite of a problem. 

18:00 hrs | La Choppería | El Salvador 4804 | Palermo

WED 26.02

Wine Tasting at To.Ma.Te

After Tuesday’s beer fest, it’s only fair we relinquish one night to wine. Wander through Palermo until you reach the doors of beautiful Tomate, and feast on a delicious meal and even better wine (!) as a way of starting this short week off on the right foot. Scope the menu to see if it suits your taste, but I will say to that one thing and one thing only: Nutella Lava Cake. Byeeeee.

20:00 hrs | To.Ma.Te  | El Salvador 4676 | Palermo

Got any cool events you think we’ll love? Is there anything that you’d like to see more of? Don’t hold back! Email us at and let’s talk food, bb.