Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires

Valentine’s day is right around the corner, my dears, and if you’re solely looking for Valentine oriented plans, then you’ve definitely come to the *wrong* place. This will not be a Valentine’s only agenda, mainly because all restaurants offer the same: a ridiculously over-priced menu that has likely been thoroughly booked for ages, seeing how Valentine’s falls on a Friday this year. This is, however, the right place to find cool things to do every day (including Friday) and to get those taste buds singing with delight, so while not everything that glitters is gold, we do have some shiny trinkets to catch your fancy. Take a look at this week’s plans:

THU 13.02

Yakitori Pop Up by Naiara Murua

Looking to get your fix of Japanese food for the week? (She asked, knowing full-well that there’s no such thing as getting your fill when we’re talking Japanese food). Make your way to Cuatro Gatos and feast on Naiara Murua’s delicious dishes which this week include Yakitoris, Kushi Chashu and Kinoko. 

19:00-23:00 hrs | Cuatro Gatos Cervecería  | Aguirre 539| Villa Crespo

Anti-Valentine Tacos at Lattente Café

Masa is having a busy February, babies, and we couldn’t be happier about this news. Get those anti-Valentine vibes going with some delicious Mexican tapas and much needed coffee to get you the energy you’ll need to make it ’til Friday. Warning: you may or may not find a La La Lister or three hanging around there if you keep your eyes open. 

17:00 hrs | Lattente Café | Migueletes 509 | Las Cañitas

FRI 14.02

Sol Negro Tacos Pop Up at Valle Grande

Looking for *more* tacos to fill the void in your romantic life? Or maybe you’re looking for *more* tacos to celebrate the void in your romantic life. Or hey, perhaps you’re just looking for more tacos for non-romance related reasons. In any case, join Sol Negro Tacos for great Mexican cuisine at beautiful Valle Grande, and bring friends, lovers, family, or all three – don’t let anybody tell you what to do!

20:00 hrs | Valle Grande Cocina | Freire 1229 | Colegiales

SIDEDISH: Flechazo at Ciudad Cultural Konex

If, however, sitting at a table doesn’t feel like your groove for Valentine’s Day, then perhaps a music festival is more what you’d enjoy. The forever trusted Ciudad Cultural Konex is putting together one of the ultimate Valentine’s Day bashes with an incredible lineup including bands like Los Charros and Bandana. Whether you’re celebrating love or giving it a swift kick in its butt, jumping up and down at Konex is never not a good plan.

00:00 hrs | Ciudad Cultural Konex | Sarmiento 3131 | Balvanera

SAT 15.02

Feria Vegana BA

The Vegan Fair is back, and with more treats than ever! Get your fix of everything vegan your could ever think of – be it cooking ingredients, fruits and vegetables, spices, nuts, lentils, seeds, and so much more, or the pre-made goods things for you to taste while you shop. Become enamored with the endless possibilities vegan cooking can offer! And don’t you dare give me that look – if I, a chocolate lover, could genuinely taste vegan Ferrero Rocher and find it almost better than the real thing, then you gotta at least give it a shot.

17:00 hrs | Mercado de Pulgas | Concepción Arenal y Enrique Martinez | Palermo

Guain Fest at Malvón

A few years ago, beer had a moment and roughly one billion trillion beer bars popped-up literally everywhere in this great city of Good Air. It was impossible to drink anything other than one of the 700 types of craft beer every bar seemed to be offering. Well, move over, beer, because wine has been making a come back for some time now, and I’m not talking here about the big brands (which we all know and love), but specifically, about the small boutique wineries that are creating a wide variety of wines at only a few bottles at a time. If this is your scene, then don’t miss Guain Fest (Guain, get it?) at Malvón, where you’ll have access to over 30 labels of unusual wines, as well as wine cocktails, live music, games, and much more.

21:00-02:00 hrs | Malvón | Serrano 789 | Villa Crespo

SIDEDISH: Buena Vibra Festival

Were you unable to attend Friday’s festival? Did you make it, but it only left you wanting more? Then despair no longer, my dude, for Buena Vibra Festival is here with a line up of music to your ears. From Fito Paez to Marilina Bertoldi, to Conociendo Rusia, and the much-beloved Paula Maffia, Buena Vibra has all the right components to honor its name and leave you feeling all those good vibes.

13:00 hrs | Hipódromo de Palermo | Av. del Libertador 4101 | Palermo

SUN 16.02

COPAR Festival – Wine Fair

More wine? More wine! COPAR Festival is back at Trova Bar with over 80 wine labels to cater to the fanciest of tastes. Take the opportunity to stock up on some much needed wine and get to try those pricey wineries that you would otherwise never buy by the bottle… and be prepared for some very special surprises at the day of the event! 

18:00 hrs | Trova Bar | Honduras 5903 | Palermo

Masa Makes Tacos at Almacén Comunal

Yes, tacos *are* the best food in the world, get on board already. And if you pair them with the beautiful Almacén Comunal at the heart of lovely Chacarita, what happens? The best way to kick that resaca to the curve and start your Sunday the right way: brunch happens. 

12:00 hrs | Almacén Comunal | Guevara 405 | Chacarita

MON 17.02

Vinos on the Patio

What is it about this week that made all the organizers think of wine? If you didn’t get enough with the two previous wine-events, or if you happen to work downtown and you’re looking for something to do on a Monday evening, then Espacio Clandestino will be there to receive you with open arms and full glasses. Join sommelier Giselle Franz and cook Estefanía García for a delicious and relaxing evening and succeed in turning that Monday frown upside down.

20:00 hrs | Espacio Clandestino | Cnel. Pablo Zufriategui 653 | Monserrat

“Single Bite” Pastry Class by Salú Argentina

Salú Argentina has come to save us from that never ending sweet tooth and the problem that is Argentina’s fixation with kioskos and the unhealthy treats they provide. Join this semi-participative live cooking class and take home a belly full of sweet treats and a handy set of recipes to prepare that won’t only include butter, white flower, and sugar.

19:00 – 22:00 hrs | Salú Argentina| Nicaragua 4880 | Palermo

TUE 18.02

Mediterranean Food at the Chef’s Table

4ta Pared Gastronomía are back doing what they do best – creating intimate settings with delicious food, teaching you all about what you’re eating, while you slowly but surely stuff your face silly. Join them for a night filled with Mediterranean delights paired with ye old faithful Rutini wines, and make sure the pants you choose to wear are the stretchy kind.

20:00 hrs | 4ta Pared Gastronomía | Habana 4399| Villa Devoto

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