Moveable Feasts is a weekly agenda in which we give you the low-down on this week’s food fairs, workshops, and pop-ups in Buenos Aires

The peeps left in BA inform me that today the heat was unbearable, but I wouldn’t know anything about that being, as I am, in one of the few gems of the Argentine coast (sorry not sorry, we’re great at mountains but our beach isn’t much to be proud of). Is it nice of me to say this after a conversation where a friend in the city thoroughly described how a stranger’s hair stuck to her arm for an entire bus ride? Not really, but what you gonna do, beer puts me in a good/not caring mood. But I do care enough to have compiled a great list of events that I won’t attend but you might, don’t I? That’s gotta count for something. On you go!

THU 06.2

Cocktail Lessons by Maga de Milo

Is this the year where you expand your palate beyond Fernet/Rum & Coke? Well, it kinda should be. Discover how to make drool-worthy cocktails that are more than just liquor and a mixer with fabulous bartender Maga de Milo and become the literal talk of the party when everyone is screaming your name asking you to make them a drink.

19-21 hrs | Maga de Milo| More info via

Armenian Food + Coffee Cup Reading

Interested in the esoteric arts but looking to go beyond tarot cards? Restaurante Armenia has added the possibility of coffee cup reading to their menu of delicious delicacies for you to enjoy some spirituality with your meal. Get a glimpse of your future for the bargain price of ARS $ 300.

All opening hours | Restaurante Armenia | Armenia 1366| Palermo

FRI 07.2

Arabian Food Workshop

Big fan of spices and having trouble with Argentina’s narrow version of what constitutes “seasoning a meal?” Leave your sorrows behind with this Arabian food workshop and learn the mysteries of falafel, babaganoush and pita bread, and naturally, take both the recipes and a full belly home.

TBD | Gisela Perez | Address and info via DM | Almagro

CARNE: Parrilla Festival

In the end, however it is you ended up here (be it because you were born or just decided to move), you’re in one of the most heavily carnivorous places  in the world, so you might as well enjoy it. Make your way to Carne for a two-day-long parrilla fest that will leave you yearning for a bit of salad just so that your arteries don’t explode. Ah, but what a way to go!

17:00 – 01:00 hrs | Buenos Aires Market | Urquiza y el río | Vicente López

Seafood Gumbo + Tarot Reading at Nola

The full moon is back and just like every month, she brings her magic – this time, in the shape of seafood gumbo for you babes to enjoy. In addition, and if that wasn’t enough magic for you, tarot reader Nadia will be fixed in her spot from around 20:00 hrs to dive deep into your future and shed some light into that tricky decision you keep on postponing – yeah, you know which one I’m talking about, don’t play dumb.

20:00 hrs | Nola | Gorriti 4389| Palermo

SAT 8.2

Argy Trifecta: Wine, Tango, Empanadas

This may be a tad too classic for some of you, but there’s a reason why classics become classics. If you’re looking for a night out and don’t feel like finding an obscure hipster show of abstract poetry in San Telmo, keep it simple with a nice tango show, a tasting of some of Argentina’s finest wines, and some empanadas for good measure.

21 – 23:00 hrs | Sommelier en Bicicleta | Gorriti 4901 | Palermo

Pop Up: Sol Negro Tacos + Olivetti Forni

Sol Negro Tacos is kicking off the year with what promises to be an amazing partner for one tasty pop up. Meet them and the peeps from Olivetti Forni for tacos (d’uh), sandwiches, and all things bread + filling for one of the most satisfying meals you’ll try in ages. Veggie options available (and speaking from experience, incredible)!

19:00 hrs | Sol Negro Tacos + Olivetti Forni| Niceto Vega 5560 | Palermo

SIDEDISH: #CinePocoExhibido at Fundación Proa

We all know the big blockbusters currently available at your regular Showcase or Hoyts, but if you’re a fan of our recurring column Off The Markee (and, like, if you’re not, you should be), you also know that those movies barely scratch the surface of your yearning for silver screen material. With this in mind, check out the new cycle at Proa A21 for not just cool movies, but cool photographs and talks too, and embrace the hipster that deep down, you know you are.

18:00 hrs| Proa A21 | Av. Pedro de Mendoza 2073| La Boca

SUN 09.2

Buenos Aires Market at Parque Rivadavia

The glory of the Buenos Aires market is that no matter how much it changes location, it always brings the same quality and deliciousness for us regulars to enjoy. Meet them this time at Parque Rivadavia and get your fix of… everything? Like, literally, whatever it is you want food related, odds are you can find it here. No, not your mom’s chocolate cake. No, not your grandma’s cookies either. Anything you can get at a grocery store, come on, man. You knew what I meant, you’re just being rude.

17:00 hrs | Parque Rivadavia| Av. Rivadavia 4950 | Caballito

SIDEDISH: Introduction to BDSM Workshop by Kinky Vibe at Cooperativa Cultural QI

Stop clutching your pearls, Karen, it’s just sex between consenting adults. Explore the often taboo-clad world of BDSM and learn more about things you find yourself curious about and have yet to muster the nerve to try. Discover the story behind today’s understanding of BDSM, the meaning of those letters, what it usually entails, and all those oh so wonderful possibilities it opens if you find yourself so inclined. A la gorra and wheelchair accessible!

18:00 hrs | Cooperativa Cultural QI| Thames 240| Villa Crespo

TUE 11.2

Fide’s Pintate algo at Maldini BA

Looking to grab a beer after work but also kind of wishing it wasn’t the same thing you always do? Maldini BA has got just the ticket for you. For the duration of February, they’re inviting artist Fide every Tuesday for an after with a twist. Grab a pint and a paintbrush and let creativity (or alcohol) take over – I’m sure your mom will definitely hang it on the fridge.

18:30 hrs | Maldini BA| Av. Pueyrredón 2501| Recoleta

Got any cool events you think we’ll love? Is there anything that you’d like to see more of? Don’t hold back! Email us at and let’s talk food, bb.