It’s the first week of February and I adopted a cat today. I can’t stop making music; I’ve written about thirty songs in the last month. Our refrigerator is full of beer for a party happening here tomorrow; my roommate is graduating. But I won’t have any because I decided I’m not drinking alcohol during February. I missed my chance for dry January (or “drynuary” as my parents call it, a word that feels terribly uncomfortable in the mouth) so here we are. Never really know what to write about in these intros. Didn’t want to make any coronavirus jokes but you know what’s wayyy more contagious and dangerous than the coronavirus? Live music! Ha! Here’s our recommendations of where to get infected:


Los Instántaneas and Niños at La Casa del Árbol

Woah! What a great plan for a summer weeknight in the big city! Los Instantáneas are a trio formed by Francisco Espinal, Carolina Cuevas, and a mysterious third member. They play short, happy, original songs and they will be playing those this Wednesday at La Casa del Árbol along with another mysterious band called Niños, who limit their social media presence to raise intrigue.

9pm | $150 | La Casa del Árbol | Avenida Córdoba 5217


Frescura 110: Cuentos Borgeanos, Brigada Barceló, Escuadrón PC, Grassa

February has BEGUN, folks, and the third Frescura of 2020 is already here. This Thursday at Club Cultural Matienzo, curator-extraordinaire Aguerrido brings us a super epic new band to headline this edition of the ciclo: Cuentos Borgeanos , who are making their fresh debut. Rounding out the lineup are dreamy post-punkers Escuadrón Plush Combativo and the self-proclaimed devilishly terrorific Rosarino band Grassa, also debuting at Frescura. Then, we’ve also got veteran freshers Brigada Barceló, back for their seventh go-around, playing a genre that is a mix of rock, pop, indie, sonic atmospheres, moods, overcast days, sunny days, and the desire to walk when the world is running. Don’t miss it. You can get your tickets online in advance by clicking here.

9pm | $200 advance, $250 door | Club Cultural Matienzo | Pringles 1249


Feli Colina – Free at Camping

In 2019 Feli Colina released the ferocious full-length album Feroza, which was featured in our list of 2019 staff picks. The fully-produced album combines elements of folk, blues, rockabilly, and jazz, but this Friday you will have a chance to catch the artist in a more intimate acoustic format, for FREE, while relaxing around the campfire at Camping.

9pm | FREE | Camping | Av. Pueyrredon 2501

Con alma de Chabuca Granda (Music and Poetry)

E-Zequiel, the Argentinian artist currently based in Lima, Peru, will be presenting his tribute album Con Alma de Chabuca Granda, an homage to the great Peruvian composer, in poetic and acoustic format this Friday at El Quetzá El Quetzal. The performance will include a poetic intervention by our beloved Zezé Fassmor, who will send you into a trance with his blind dance moves, African rhythms, and improvised poetry. Your $200 advance ticket price includes a glass of beer!

9pm | $200 advance, $250 door | El Quetzal | Guatemala 4516

11:30pm | FREE | El Quetzal | Guatemala 4516


FestIndie: Emily And, Fanzine, and Deportivo Alemán

Everyone’s favorite music columnist/ singer-songwriter, Emily And (yours truly) is giving her (my) first performance of the decade this Saturday at Maldito Rock Bar in Almagro. And I get to share the evening with Fanzine, a super cool band I wrote about once in the Monthly Music Roundup because I really liked their EP Autorreferencial, and the young and wry and super fly rockers of Deportivo Alemán. Woo! I’m super excited. I’ve written like 30 songs since my last gig. Come out and support a prolific artist before her creative spark gets won over by the fiaca. You can reserve your tickets and the advance price by entering your name at EventBrite.

9pm | $150 advance, $200 door | Maldito Rock Bar | Yatay 681

X-Rave, Elixxr, Arppa, Jota Pexi, CG_RQ, at Casa Dasein

Dear cyber-friends, are you feeling manija for an all night electronic dance rave with original mixes and tunes by a diverse group of electronic artists and DJs. Want to celebrate the birth of Elixxr, a cool person who was born and then became a DJ? Casa Dasein is going up in flames this Saturday. Bring your rave gear, party favors, and be prepared to dance until your legs turn to jelly. Mmmmm….jelly!

11:30pm | $150 before 2am, $200 after | Casa Dasein


Chicle Chicle summer veinte veinte.

This Sunday, the quirky good-vibes vintage clothing store/ theatre, poetry, and music venue is opening its doors to anyone who wants to come out and hear some amazing acoustic performances by Daiana Leonelli (whose latest release was featured in our Monthly Music Roundup and also happens to be one of my most-listened-to albums of the last few months), Gala Magalí, Gaby Colman, Nadina, and Maxo Garrone. Come out and enjoy the afternoon with us.

5pm | $100 suggested donation | Alma Zen | Anchorena 660