February. Our second trial month to sort our lives out before the year actually begins and everything starts going downhill. Cut the comedy, this 2020, we’re kicking it off with positive, fun, art-filled days only. Is there any new field you’d like to explore? Have you finally decided to get started on that big project? Are you simply seeking some kind of inspiration? If so, keep scrolling as we’ve got all the art-related workshops, courses, and seminars for you to fuel your artistic fire.

Workshops: You’ve Got This

Lettering with Gustavo Ferrari

Are you into that classic Buenos Aires lettering you see on signs? If you’re interested in the field of traditional, 100% done-by-hand lettering you normally see in the streets of San Telmo, then Ferrari Fileteados is your place to go. Dip your toes into the infinite universe of fileteado porteño and learn everything there is to know about this art form: elementary strokes, construction and relation, and 3D decoration effects, throughout the two-month course. Previous experience is absolutely not necessary and all materials will be provided by the workshop itself. Wanna know more? DM Gustavo.

Every Thursday from February 6th-March | 15-18 hrs | Panal 361 | Jean Jaures 361 | Abasto

Fanzine Fun

Are you a fanzine *fan*? (I’m embarrassed and ashamed of my human condition and deserve to eat anise candy only, for what remains of my existence.) Would you like to create your own print? If you just mouthed “yes” to your screen, sign up for Espacio Cuatro‘s fanzine workshop: Del proyecto a la impresión; an intensive course aimed at introducing you to the fundamentals of zine-making, exploring different types of media and self-published works, and creating your own. Contact Espacio Cuatro by DM or send an email to infoespaciocuatro@gmail.com for more info.

Mon 10th & 17th, Thur 13th and 20th | 19-22 hrs. | Espacio Cuatro | Condarco 2708 | Villa del Parque

Photo Credit: MOMA

(Finally) Understand Contemporary Art

Are you an art enthusiast yet find it hard to comprehend the contemporary scene? Starting Thursday 6th, MArCO (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo La Boca) will be putting on Caja de Herramientas; a seminar on contemporary art dictated by curator and cultural manager Evelyn Márquez. Intended to clear all doubt on the current art scene and its main characteristics, this one month workshop will give you a glimpse behind problems of the art world from an interdisciplinary perspective. Hooked? Contact info@fundaciontrespinos.org to find out more.

Thursdays, starting Feb 6th | 18:00 hrs | MArCO | Av. Almirante Brown 1031 | La Boca

Photo Credit: Unsplash (Green Chameleon)

Master Those Literary Skills

Finding your voice is one of the major struggles of writing. That’s why Gabriela Faillace and Pablo Miranda, authors of La Cripta de Los Casares, have decided to join forces and create a free literary workshop that goes beyond the pages, to help you upgrade your skills and find your inner writing voice in a series of integrating exercises. Curious? Drop by Casa Cultura‘s DMs for more info.

Tues 4th: 19-21 hrs | Free | Casa Cultura | Nicaragua 5614 | Palermo

Photo Credit: Amelia Moore

Rosalía it Up

Are you a dancer? Do you love to dance (regardless of whether your dance moves resemble the very first steps of a newborn giraffe) and want to dabble in a new rhythm? Good news (especially on the last one): Casa Cultura will also be holding a free flamenco class on Saturday the 8th. Sí, connect with your non-existent Spanish roots and step up your hand gimmicks game in the course of an evening.

Sat 8th: 17-20 hrs. | Free | Casa Cultura | Nicaragua 5614 | Palermo

Photo Credit: Alexander Dummer (Unsplash)

Music, Arts & Media at Centro Cultural San Martín

Sign up for El Cultural San Martín‘s manifold courses and start your New Year’s resolutions early. Performing arts, film and television, dancing, photography, music, and more. Registrations will take place in the building’s basement, starting Monday, February 3rd until Saturday the 22nd, Monday to Friday, 11-17 hrs. Visit this section to find out more about available workshops or send an email to cursos_ccgsm@buenosaires.gob.ar.

Mon 3rd-Sat 22nd |  El Cultural San Martín | Sarmiento 1551 | Monserrat

Photo Credit: Fine Arts Comission

Face Portrait Painting Made Easy

When you draw portraits do you end up leaving the head for last (or out) because you were not sure (and by not sure I mean you didn’t have a clue) how to proceed? I know. We’ve all been there (I still *am* there). Lucky for you (and me), Casa Taller will be providing an intensive one-day workshop on face painting. FYI (and the important bit): both coffee break and materials are included! (Keyword: coffee). Wanna leave your fear behind? Contact Casa Taller here.

Sat 15th: 14-19 hrs. | Paid Activity | Casa Taller | Palermo

Photo Credit: ACRE Residency

Ceramics, Ceramics for All

Calling all ceramic devotees out there. Yes you, pal, gather around (my imaginary self). This February, get your hands off the phone screen and on to some fresh clay with FRIDA‘s workshop; a ceramic mold making and slip-casting course for beginners and beyond. Secure your spot at FRIDA Cerámica to upgrade your wheel throwing skills and open the way to create a decent-looking mug you can brag about to your lover the morning after Valentine’s Day.

Dates to be confirmed | FRIDA | Conde 1069 | Colegiales

Photo Credit: Espacio Cuatro

Another Day, Another Frame

It’s always handy to incorporate a new skill or hone an old one. This month, learn to frame and mount your works of art to protect them over time (and eventually save yourself some money in the long run), with help from the vast knowledge of Espacio Cuatro. The four-hour workshop will cover the technical basics; including frame preparation, mat cutting, mounting, backing, and overall installation. The best part is you don’t need any previous experience! Sign up via DM or by sending an email to infoespaciocuatro@gmail.com.

To be confirmed | Espacio Cuatro | Condarco 2708 | Villa del Parque

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

Explore Urban Settings Through Drawing

Both architect and illustrator, Titi Hoon will be taking the bull by the horns once again, with a summer workshop aimed at exploring the texture and materiality of Buenos Aires through drawing. Pack your best pencil case and best shades, everyone! Info? Contact Titi here.

Thur/Sat: 11-13:30 hrs. | Berlin Gafik | Montevideo 88 | Monserrat